Strain Review: Leiffa hybrid chocolates: Full body high, full weed flavor


Collegian | Charlie Cohen

Ivy Secrest, Life and Culture Director

Rosin-infused chocolates sell themselves as the perfect indulgence for any stoner. However, not all chocolates can be winners, and with so many good products to choose from, it’s disappointing when an edible falls short.

Recommended for its nearly perfect chocolatey flavor, Leiffa Brands‘ Full Spectrum Rosin Infused Chocolate Bars did not live up to the hype. More on the side of chocolate-flavored weed than rosin-infused chocolate, eating more than a few of these straight up was a difficult task.


Normally I turn to edibles when I’m looking for something tasty and fast acting, so to have these recommended to me for just that and then finding that they’re really just fast-acting was definitely disheartening, especially considering the fun packaging and flavor combinations that set my expectations a bit higher.

Coming in at 100 milligrams with 10 pieces, these chocolates pack a punch and cost $21 a bar at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. These solventless chocolate bars come in a variety of flavors, including white chocolate and strawberry crumble, milk chocolate peanut butter pretzel and cinnamon affogato. While the flavors are appealing, they are noticeably overpowered by the flavor of weed.

“Edibles tend to have a stronger effect because of the form of consumption; however, these hit a little harder than most.”

While the purpose of edibles isn’t necessarily to taste good, it’s definitely a deciding factor. If the combination of flavored chocolate and the taste of weed doesn’t discourage you, then the full-body hit may very well be worth the initial tastebud assault.

Granted, finding good edible chocolates without the remaining flavor from the THC infusion is difficult, and Leiffa’s filtration process at the very least delivers the intended effect.

According to Leiffa’s website, they separate extra plant matter from water hash, preserving the naturally-occurring terpenes and cannabinoids, which should provide a flavorful treat accompanied by a full-body high. The chocolates certainly induce a full-body high that lasts.

The chocolates act fast, inducing a debilitating high that is perfect for the end of the night when you’ve got nothing left to do but unwind. It will initially take you through the classic stages that first hit into hyper observance and full-body relaxation, followed by general drowsiness that will likely lead to a good night’s sleep.

If it’s your first time indulging in these, 10 mg is plenty to get you going. Taking them while set up in front of a little bonfire with friends, I enjoyed being mesmerized by the flames for a good chunk of my evening. Edibles tend to have a stronger effect because of the form of consumption; however, these hit a little harder than most.

If you intend on getting much else done in the day, I wouldn’t recommend taking these until your tasks are complete. Even after the come down from these chocolates, I wasn’t feeling very productive.

A benefit of chocolates is you can introduce them into other goodies to mask the taste and still maintain the dosage. These bars would do well melted and drizzled onto fruit or into cookies so the sweetness of the treats can mask the remaining rosin flavor.

Overall, Leiffa Brands’ hybrid chocolates are a relatively average edible with below-standard flavors and a mildly disorienting effect. As long as you’re not looking for an energetic pick up or a tasty treat, these will meet your expectations. Rating: 6/10.

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