Because I Got High: Summer baking, smoke sesh lessons, a popped cherry


Collegian | Falyn Sebastian

Guest Author

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The Grinch stealing more than Christmas

I got high with my friend in the dorms freshman year and we had a cute lil TV and would watch the most random things. One of those times we decided to watch “How the Grinch stole Christmas” — it was March — and during the scene where he’s destroying their Christmas tree, she turns to me, eyes red as hell, and says, “This is their 9/11.”


Summer baking

A couple years back, I cooked an entire dinner with cannaoil and was baked for four days straight. I went to a Fourth of July event in public and had to be dragged around by my friends. Experiencing a fireworks show high was amazing.

Smoke sesh lessons

My roommate and I always smoked weed on the balcony of our apartment, and we were friends with our downstairs neighbor. One night he came up and joined us, and we began smoking.

He was standing, and we were sitting. As we were smoking, laughing and talking, my neighbor, out of nowhere, fainted on top of my roommate. At first we were freaking out. Then he regained consciousness, and we walked him down to his apartment. Later we found out that he locked his knees for too long, and I’m assuming the smoking didn’t help.

Lesson learned: NEVER LOCK YOUR KNEES. Maybe sit down and smoke. My roommate and I still die laughing about it to this day.

A popped cherry

In the early years of college, I had met one of my best friends. She was from Montana and hadn’t partaken in smoking very often. I came along and started showing her all the ways I was smoking weed and told her I’d help her feel more comfortable during her first time trying to smoke.

One time it was her first time trying to smoke out of a pipe. Now, personally, I didn’t think too hard on what to tell her to do. I simply said, “Put your finger on the little hole and suck in.” I should have been more clear apparently because then I watched her suck in so hard she pulled the entire cherry of the bowl through the pipe and straight into the back of her throat.

I couldn’t stop laughing, and she couldn’t stop coughing, and she definitely learned her lesson.

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