Strain Review: Indulge in a Wyld and tasteful adventure


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Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

In the past month, most of us got the chance to take a much-needed break, and whether you spent it with family or alone, it was prime time to indulge in some cannabis. 

A friend of mine was newly hired as a budtender at Organic Alternatives and acquired a wide spread of products she was kind enough to share with me. Stoners take care of stoners. I saw she had a few packs of Wyld edibles, and I had to grab some. 


Wyld products can be found in almost every dispensary in town and are one of my personal favorite brands for edibles. They have a wide variety of flavors that also mix in different ratios of THC, CBD and cannabinol. 

Not only do Wyld and the local dispensaries provide a lot of tasty options, but they’re also reasonably priced. Organic Alternatives sells Wyld packs of 100-milligram edibles for $19-$23, and The Green Solution sells them on sale right now for about $16-$20

“Be prepared that this adventure can take a big chunk of your day, so plan to have nothing but fun things to do.”

I finally got home with my raspberry sativa edibles and popped 50 mg. I hadn’t taken Wyld edibles in a while and often forget about how the effects are very different from smoking flower or wax. Remember, edibles take longer to set in, and when they do, you’ll know. 

About an hour after taking the gummies, I started feeling some dryness in my eyes, which is normally when I first start feeling any kind of high, so I knew the party had started. I’d however recommend starting with one 10-mg gummy if this is your first time trying Wyld edibles because 50 mg was much too many for me. 

I normally go for indica strains but was thankful I had taken sativa, or else I would have just fallen asleep. But instead, my friends got a lovely comedy show on my trip as laughing became my main symptom. I had a lot of silly energy and felt warm inside — much like the feeling of a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows made of caffeine. 

I did not want to sit down and watch a movie like most times after taking a few edibles, so we had a pleasant evening of playing card games and hitting pool balls. For a halftime break, we hit the classic Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, and I devoured a three-finger combo. 

The high started to taper off after about four hours, and that’s when I needed a nap. Be prepared that this adventure can take a big chunk of your day, so plan to have nothing but fun things to do. 

But due to the sweet taste, low price and convenience of this edible, you’re going to have a good high, and as I said before, be aware of what your tolerance to THC is because these bad boys will come in full force and humble you quickly. Rating 9/10.

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