Because I Got High: Birthday parties and friend to a first-timer

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Collegian | Falyn Sebastian

Guest Author

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Birthday parties

It was my friend’s birthday, and it was weed themed. Her mom gave us edibles, joints and THC oil for our teas. We did not know that different strains would give us different highs, though, so the people on edibles fell asleep, the people smoking joints watched “Rick and Morty” and those of us on the oil went on a run together. We ended up getting lost on the run and couldn’t find our way back, but the other people were too high to come find us. We ended up circling the house for a good three hours. All in all, make sure you’re on the same high as your friends.


Friend to a first-timer

I have a friend who doesn’t smoke at all, and I used to be the type to really hate weed because where I was raised it was illegal (lame, I know). I felt like I’d be a safe friend for anyone who wanted to smoke because I don’t push it like a typical stoner friend being like, “Dude, it’ll change your life.” When we smoked together it was immediately a bad idea; she said she felt like she was moving through dimensions and couldn’t latch onto one. We watched “RuPaul’s Drag Race” until she felt better. Sorry, queen!

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