Strain Review: Whoody Melon’s a mellow fellow

A good flower for edibles


Collegian | Tri Duong

Photo Illustration of Whoody Melon, an indica dominant strain from Green Dragon Dispensary Sept. 28. The effects produce a mellow and relaxing body high combined with a fruit taste to finish.

Paul Brull, Cannabis Director

If you read last week’s edition of The Collegian, you’ll know I had an experience with a few edibles made from Green Dragon’s indica strain Whoody Melon. I’ve since returned to the strain and had another lovely time, albeit at a much lower dose. I hope to shift the focus in this article from me to the strain.

I still had several edibles from my previous adventure, so I stuck with using those this time around. About an hour or so before Marc Maron’s comedy show last weekend, I ate one cookie at about 15 milligrams. Your milage from a dose like this may vary with tolerance. I found myself pleasantly high about an hour and a half later, toward the end of Maron’s opener.


“This is very much a ‘plant your ass in the couch’ type of strain. I had no desire to wander around when high and every desire to be entertained.”

I felt a light body and head high with a giggly disposition to match. It went well with the comedy show I attended, but it did pull my focus toward munchies instead of the later (and wittier) parts of the show. On the other hand, the Cheba Hut Toasted Subs sandwich I had after the show was freaking awesome. It was a toasted sub perfect for my toasted state.

Even at more aggressive dosages, the high is still quite pleasant. Some of my previous experiences with edibles included aggressive spins and disorientation at high dosages. Even the roughly 60 mg I had on the night we made the edibles didn’t make me feel particularly dizzy. Instead, the strain generally directed me to lay down in a dark room and sleep, pushing my body down into sleep with a high best described as “being pet a bit too hard if I were a cat.”

This is very much a “plant your ass in the couch” type of strain. I had no desire to wander around when high and every desire to be entertained. As such, good entertainment options include just about anything you can do sitting down. Movie? Check. Board Game? Check. Maintaining uncomfortable degrees of eye contact with your dog for 15 minutes? Check. 

This is not, however, a strain prompting much creativity. As such, I would recommend against things that require any degree of higher-order thought. Cheap comedies and bad horror are good movie options, dramatic think pieces and whip-smart animations less so. 

There is one key advantage of the strain I’ve neglected to mention: its price. There’s no doubt it’s a cheap strain; I got it at $16.99 for 3.5 grams of flower (about $5 per gram). I’ll admit, I have not smoked the strain, so I cannot speak to its potential. Buy with caution.

In all, if you are looking for a cheap indica for some homemade edibles, it’s hard to go wrong with Whoody Melon. It’s a straightforward indica without much to hide. 4/5 rating.

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