The Top 6 Websites To Find Great Deals on College Textbooks

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There is no doubt that the price of the average college textbook has dramatically increased in just the past few years. Students are often faced with the reality of paying 100 or even 200 dollars per textbook, and that’s just for one class! There has to be a better and more affordable way, right? Well, I think we’ve found it. Digital Textbooks are the hottest trend going on within colleges right now for two big reasons, they reduce backpack weight and are often way more affordable than traditional physical textbooks that you would buy from your local college bookstore. However, not all websites are created equal, so within this piece, you will find an outline of our top 6 websites to access digital textbooks, both free and or at a reduced price.

Textbook Revolution

Textbook Revolution is one of the most unique sites we discovered during our research for this article. One of the most interesting aspects other than the service is that students actually run the website. This means that users will be able to interact with someone that actually understands their situation and would be more inclined to help. Textbook Revolution offers ebooks in PDF form as well as links to other educational resources that may be of use.


The slogan of this website is “50,000 + Free eBooks” so you know we had to look into it. The claim is correct, ManyBooks.netdoes offer an array of free ebooks for college students. The only issue is that many of these books do come with a price tag. However, many of them are discounted, so it is still worth a look, you may find the textbook you need for cheap. In the end, does stack up to our standards and definitely a great place to buy textbooks.


Reddit isn’t simply a site about discussing the latest episode of that binge-worthy show or sharing the occasional humorous photo with the world. Reddit, in the past few years, has been able to attract a diverse group of people to its websites, amongst these are students seeking to find a free digital textbook. Users on the site will share or trade an ebook with each other often for free. This method might take you a little longer, but we definitely believe the search is worth not having to pay hundreds of dollars. might be one of the largest college textbook websites in the nation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great deals within the website. Chegg delivers a vast library of physical and digital books. Only need the book for a few weeks, Chegg allows you to rent it for a certain amount of months at a great low-cost price. Only want the ebook version? Chegg can do that too! is no doubt one of the best places to buy textbooks.

Rice University runs this free ebook website in an attempt to provide students with high-quality educational resources such as videos, ebooks, and other sources to advance their education. provides a plethora of ebooks in the subject of Math, science, social science, humanities and many more. Within the site, students can either order a printed copy of the textbook at a discounted cost or simply download it onto their computer directly from the website.

Those majoring in the field of computer science or related subjects will be happy to know that theirs a whole website dedicated to those type of books. places many ebooks related to web design, mobile app development, AI tech, databases and information technology. Although the site doesn’t post anything that may be pirated nor provide links, they do offer either a free license version of it or one that can be purchased for a huge discount.

We truly hope that these websites were able to help you find all the ebooks you need for the following semester. Finding great deals on a textbook can be a little daunting and frustrating at times, but the payoff (literally) is always worth the time and effort you put into the search. Before downloading any textbook from other websites not mentioned in this article, always double check the validity of the site.