Live Close to Campus

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A move to Ram’s Village is a move in the right direction: closer to campus.


Waking up late is inevitable as a college student, but wouldn’t it be nice to sleep through an alarm only to realize that you are a short ten minutes away from campus? No class is too far when you are living at Ram’s Village.

If you decide to hop on the bus at one of the seven stops on our property, you are no more than eight minutes away from the LSC – right in the center of campus. Or, if you decide to bike, you will arrive in even less time. If you live on our west side, simply bike down Elizabeth and it is a straight shot to the Morgan Library. Do you live on the east side? Bike down Plum, cross Shields, and you’re already to the Moby Arena. Are you walking to campus to meet some friends for lunch? Leave fifteen minutes before and you will beat any of your friends living elsewhere.

Signing a lease at Ram’s Village is like a present from you to you. Wake up later, get on a later bus, bike a shorter length – the possibilities are endless.