How to Get More Subscribers on Your YouTube Channel

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Recent stats reveal that every single day people around the world watch one billion hours of YouTube content, that’s right, one BILLION! This means that there’s plenty of scope to boost your subscriber numbers and divert a decent number of these viewing hours towards your channel.


Keen to give it a try but stuck for ideas on how to make it happen? We’ve got you covered with these great tips on how to grab some well-deserved attention.

Prune your channel

Look through your content with a critical eye. Is it a mish-mash of badly shot videos, outdated information, or simply cringeworthy efforts with some nuggets of excellence mixed in for good measure? If so take immediate action and cull anything that is not top class, as nobody who doesn’t know and love you is going to wade through lots of junk – even if they managed to find you in the first place. (You can always create a private channel if you absolutely must keep some of the dross.)

Go for quality over quantity

Lots of people bang on about posting regularly – as in daily or several times a week, but that isn’t realistic for many people, and is a sure fire way to risk posting any old thing simply to keep up. Instead focus on creating a posting schedule you can manage comfortable, and on making every single thing you upload a must-watch. For inspiration look at what others are doing and get ideas from the things that work for you – this isn’t about copying, of course, it’s about getting some ideas which can be adapted to suit your brand and delivery style.

Invest in quality production support

You don’t need to buy expensive cameras if your phone is capable, though using a tripod to avoid the shaky shots is wise. However, do make the effort to create a decent backdrop, organize good lighting and sound, and use things like props where relevant.

Start with a hook

You only have a few seconds to grab a viewer’s attention and have them stick around to watch your content right though, and then of course, hopefully, to subscribe. So the trick is not to save the best bit until later in the video – open with a great impression, (please, never get into the boring introduction which used to be the way many people kicked a video off), and don’t let the energy flag throughout.

Create a Hollywood-worthy channel trailer

Make it funny, epic, engaging, wacky – they all work, just make it short (under one-minute works), and when planning the content remember this is a tool to tempt people to subscribe. If you don’t have the imagination or confidence to make your own trailer find a freelancer who can work with you to create one.

These tips should help you get started on growing your channel and attracting more subscribers without having to do anything terribly complicated.
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