Top 3 Ways to Track Text Messages from another Cellular Phone

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Have you realized that text messages are increasingly used as evidence in both criminal and civil proceedings in court? Whether you want to monitor how your child is using his or her cell phone or you suspect your spouse’s infidelity, you can track text messages from another phone and get the details you need. However, this can be either enlightening or negatively impact your relationship with your child or spouse.


It is also important to be aware of the phone privacy rights. Even law enforcement officers must acquire a warrant before searching anyone’s cellphone. Phone records should be formally subpoenaed by an attorney to be admissible in a court. Here are three effective ways to track text messages on another cellular phone.

1. Spy in person

Avoid throwing false accusations or judging your lover or your child based on what other people do. You can secretly monitor their devices to ensure that your arguments aren’t based on fear or jealousy. It is recommended to be upfront and ask to see your spouse’s phone. Similarly, if you are wondering who your teenage girl is texting, you can talk to her. Have an in-depth conversation about your suspicious doubts, trust issues, insecurities, and other concerns before you opt to spy on them. This way, you will be mindful of your partner’s or child’s privacy.

Consider searching your spouse’s or child’s phone when they are distracted or busy. Wait for the time your child or spouse leave their phones because they are running an emergency errand. You must quickly read through the text messages, check what they do on social media, search their web or call history, and more.

2. Phone lock and passwords

Nearly all cellular phones have passwords and are pass code or pin protected, rendering them inaccessible. Consider requesting your partner or child to share their passwords, codes or pin probably because you may have their phones during emergencies when your phone is inaccessible. Once you log into their phones, don’t delete call logs, text messages, or any other piece of data.

In case your spouse doesn’t want to share their passwords, secretly watch them when using the device or ask a trusted friend for help. Remember, someone you trust and is close to your spouse or child can help you get the phone passcodes.

3. Spy remotely

Before you start spying remotely on your child’s or spouse’s cellular phones, learn both the federal laws and state laws regarding this issue. Technology has advanced and currently, you can install an advanced security and monitoring app on another phone to track its text messages.

Keep in mind that monitoring your child’s or spouse’s use of mobile devices can be done for positive reasons. For instance, it offers you a chance to protect your loved one by being one step ahead particularly if you already know the people they are conversing with and the nature and amount of information they are sharing.