Tips For Staying Warm This Winter Without Sacrificing Style

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Who doesn’t love the winter? With snow comes all the fun of making snowmen and having snowball fights, and then afterwards, you can snuggle up indoors with a book and a cozy blanket and enjoy a lovely warming drink. Yes, there’s a lot to enjoy. But the cold might be something that puts you off this time of year. Nobody enjoys shivering outdoors in the icy weather. So, how can you make the most of the season without freezing to death? Here are some top tips for staying warm all through the winter months without having to sacrifice on style.


Layering Is Key

How many times have you been cozy and warm while outdoors on the way to the mall, but as soon as you got inside you were sweating? Or how many times were you comfortable in the warmth of your living room but then frozen the moment you stepped out into your back yard? Layers are key to winter dressing. It’s always a great idea to wear a strappy top or vest under your clothing so if the heating warms up a little too much, you can always take your jumper off and still look decent underneath!

The layered look is always a fashionable one, so consider wearing a shirt over your bottom layer and then a sweater over the top. Each layer will trap air to keep you extra cozy and it also gives you extra options if it heats up or cools down in different environments throughout your day. It’s a really good idea if you’re heading out shopping or if you’re likely to be visiting several people in a single day, since homes and stores can vary greatly in their indoor temperatures. Of course, an outdoor layer is also vital for when you step out into the snow!

Start At The Bottom

Undergarments often hold the key to staying warm when you don’t want to pile on the outer layers. If you’re heading out somewhere and want to stay looking smart without bulky sweaters, thermal underwear could be the answer. You can choose from thermal vests or long sleeved tees and even thermal tights or leggings under your jeans or trousers to keep your arms, legs and entire body comfortable and cozy, even though you look smart on the outside.

Stylish Outdoor Accessories

Winter accessories are some of the most appealing of all, so don’t be afraid to stock up on gloves, scarves and hats galore! Never head out into the winter’s chill without putting on your favorite warm hat, fluffy scarf and warm gloves. You’ll stay looking great, but you’ll enjoy plenty of warmth. Choosing neutral colors and you’ll be able to wear your stylish new accessories with absolutely every outfit.

Choose A Statement Coat

Your coat is the key to your winter wardrobe. Fashions change with every year, but a statement winter coat will never go out of style. Choose a faux fur coat to really catch the eye, or opt for something a little more subtle but no less warm with a padded coat that features a faux fur collar, trimmed hood or cuffs. There are lots of different coat styles to choose from, but if the weather’s really cold, choosing a longer length coat will make sure that the tops of your legs and your butt don’t get cold!

Snow Boots Can Be Cute Too!

Everyone thinks snow boots are hideous but essential. That doesn’t need to be the case. These days, there are so many different options out there that you’re sure to find snow boots that look cute but which also keep your toes well protected from the ice and wet. There are even snow boots available which have heels – wedges are a great way to get a little extra height if you’re shorter than average and still give you great traction in icy and wet conditions.

Choose boots with a furry cuff to add a little extra style at the same time as adding more warmth to your legs, and make sure to choose boots that have a rugged sole so you won’t slip. There are even stylish and warm winter work boots available if you’re working outdoors during cold days. People will love wearing these thanks to their cozy warmth and their stylish design.

Follow these top tips for dressing for winter and not only will you be warm and comfortable all winter long, you’ll also look effortlessly stylish!