Strain Review: A sweet Halloweekend edible treat


Collegian | Charlie Cohen

Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

For many, this last weekend was filled with fun thrills and cold chills. For many college students, it was filled with crazy costumes and the Sunday scaries. I settled somewhere in between as I indulged in the festivities after a long work and school week. 

One way I did this was wolfing down about 50 milligrams of Dixie Sour Strawberry Gummies. Trust me when I say these sit somewhere in my top five edibles that I consume. 


I wanted to choose the perfect night of Halloweekend to devour these chewy delights, and that landed on Friday evening. That spooky night, I was Kim Kardashian (less spooky, I know) with black spandex and a bodysuit badly impersonating the SKIMS fashion line. However, I had a pair of black reflecting glasses that really tied the costume together while serving its real purpose of hiding my blood-red eyes. 

The bag of Dixie edibles cames with 10 edibles at 10 milligrams of THC a piece, totaling 100 milligrams, and it can be found in just about any dispensary, but I did obtain these at LivWell Enlightened Health. Dixie is a local corporation in Denver and offers a wide variety of edibles. From drinks to taffy, there’s something for anyone. 

A pro to purchasing Dixie products is they’re reasonably priced for a solid product. I snatched a bag for $16 plus tax and threw five of those suckers in my mouth. Granted, for most, this bag would probably last you longer than it did for me, who downed half the bag in one sitting. 

“Being out and about for Halloween that night made me prone to social anxiety, but these edibles actually caused the worry of an imaginary audience of people judging me to float out of my head.”

Now, indica is categorized in the sleepy stoner mood, which might not be the best mix if you’re headed out to a party. However, the gummies didn’t digest until about an hour later when I noticed the red LED lights lining a basement ceiling beginning to pulsate and circle around me. It was rather settling, as I felt I was in the latest college dirtbag movie. 

One of my dearest best friends was accompanying me as Audrey Hepburn and was wearing these gorgeous big circular sunglasses, but about two hours into the edibles, her sunglasses looked more like giant bug eyes. 

I’m not saying these edibles give you lucid-type trips of shape shifting objects, but they do give you enough of a high to blur reality if you take several chewies. Plus, the plethora of Halloween costumes was making my brain rather creative with my elevated imagination state.

The high stretched through my entire body, starting at my head, giving me a slightly heavy feeling. which I knew was the indica calling my name to go to bed. However, I powered through and let the high consume the rest of my body into a comfortable tingle as I hit the dance floor. 

The only real negative I noticed was the need for something to drink, as most edibles cause a gnarly case of cottonmouth for me. Having a water bottle or drink in your hand at all times is a must. 

Midnight came, and being about four hours into my night’s journey, I was ready to call it. The tint of my sunglasses and the darkness of the night sky were making my fight to stay awake incredibly hard. 

Ms. Hepburn and myself, Ms. Kardashian, decided to wrap up the night, and we called a fellow friend for a ride. As soon as I stumbled into my apartment, the knock-off Yeezy slides were kicked off, sunglasses thrown, purse and keys on the floor and phone plugged in as my head quickly hit the pillow. 

I’ve eaten these edibles more than a few times, and they never fail to create a good time. The dominance of the indica can catch up to you, but Dixie offers hybrid and sativa strains of edibles if you want a less drowsy social high. 

Being out and about for Halloween that night made me prone to social anxiety, but these edibles actually caused the worry of an imaginary audience of people judging me to float out of my head. Overall, the sour candies went down easily and blended in with the rest of my body for a relaxing high. 9/10 rating. 

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