Strain Review: Spritzer, a refreshing sugar wax indulgence


Collegian | Tri Duong

Photo Illustration of Spritzer hybrid sugar wax on a Swiss Army knife Oct. 19. The strain can be found at Vert’s Neighborhood Dispensary on Elizabeth Street.

Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

Coming out of this past weekend, you might be feeling pretty drained if you were hosting family for Colorado State University’s Homecoming & Family Weekend. The eventful few days are now memories, and getting back to the grind is ever so hard as we slowly approach Thanksgiving break. However, this week I have a lovely strain to relieve you of all your stresses and give you some time to sit back and chill. 

The convenience of stopping at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary on my way home has made it a weekly errand. This week’s No. 1 draft pick came in as a hybrid live sugar wax testing at 82.8% THC, refreshingly named Spritzer. Spritzer comes from Billo, a Colorado-native brand based in Steamboat Springs. 


“The yummy pulls off this wax became even more complimented by how smooth it was to melt the tiny sugar cubes.”

Now, before we get into how each of my senses was enhanced, this strain is slightly higher on the price scale compared to last week’s $16 kind-of boring wax. A gram of Spritzer took $34 out of my slim bank account. However, you’re getting what you’re paying for when you buy Billo products, and this strain represented that reputation. 

To start, the taste of a solid puff lived up to the strain’s name, as I was getting hints of sourness and lemons. Spritzer has morphed my favorite soda flavor into a very delicious smoke sesh. On their website, Verts perfectly describes the taste as including a “sour candy” and “zesty” touch. 

The yummy pulls off this wax became even more complimented by how smooth it was to melt the tiny sugar cubes. A few hits, and you ease into just as smooth of a high. The high is head-heavy but in a relaxing sensation rather than it feeling like your brain is pulsating. 

One of the only downsides to Spritzer was it was slightly inconsistent, being a hybrid. The indica side seemed to peek through more than the sativa, as after every time I have smoked this strain, I did get a bit drowsy. I expected more of a jolt to do things; instead, I found myself sunken into a camping chair on my apartment patio watching videos of one of my favorite video game streamers. 

In turn, the foggy head could be used to get you to bed early if that’s something you’re looking for. 

Another key measurement I noticed was my level of hunger went into hypermode, which could be a pro or con depending on your take. The case of the munchies definitely hit me, which I realized when I looked down and had finished half of a family-sized pack of Oreos. The next day, I took a lunch break, and after a pleasant Spritzer appetizer, I found myself devouring a savory chili soup and salmon caesar salad from Spoons.

Overall, I’d say this strain from Billo was a success in that it gives you a solid, chill high with a plentiful taste within every intake. Aside from its sleepy qualities and pricey expense, I’d highly recommend Spritzer as a spunky wax to enjoy alone or with your friends. Rating 9/10.

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