Strain Review: Flower Collective Bubble joints — an organic buzz


Collegian | Ava Kerzic

Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

Welcome back to another edition of trying cannabis and telling you about it. This week’s spotlight strain was finally one you can find on the shelves at a few dispensaries around Fort Collins. 

I headed to Verts Neighborhood Dispensary once again to obtain a common pre-roll they hold in stock. The Flower Collective, a Colorado-based company, offers sativa, hybrid and indica hash-infused joints. I said last week I would give sativa another chance, but Verts only had the hybrid and indica strains — darn.


I snatched a hybrid to at least steer away from my soulmate indica and wasn’t entirely disappointed. The joint itself had a 5:1 flower to bubble hash ratio, which does give the high more of a boost. Testing at 22.4%, the weed was on the dryer side, so have your water within reach. 

“I’d recommend the hybrid option for a camping trip or on a casual Sunday morning to enhance the earthy taste that settles after a substantial puff.”

I’ve had these Bubble Joints multiple times and was never let down on simply getting high; however, I’d put the flower used within the rolls on the average scale: not bad but not anything super special. Don’t get me wrong, it gets you pretty high if you’re inhaling on an empty stomach, and it’s great if you’re sitting on your patio on a chilly morning. But just because it has a sprinkle of hash doesn’t necessarily put it above some of the regular weed I’ve smoked. 

Aside from its eye-heavy high, the 0.7 gram joint held qualities of a hybrid strain. I found myself being rather chatty with my roommates and was very eager to eat some leftover Chinese food, unlike with most indica strains I smoke that keep me relaxed and away from the fridge.  

While $12 at Verts is somewhat on the high end for not even a full gram joint, The Flower Collective prides itself on having a nature-based process due to their environment in Nederland, Colorado. That being said, I’d recommend the hybrid option for a camping trip or on a casual Sunday morning to enhance the earthy taste that settles after a substantial puff.

If this line of joints sounds like your vibe, you can buy them individually or in a nine pack with three joints of each strain in one package. As a heads-up though, my budtender at Verts said their stock is currently lower than usual due to Labor Day weekend and the constant flow of college students. So don’t be surprised if you need to head to LivWell Enlightened Health or Ace’s Place to secure this strain. 

On a side note, as we get deeper into the semester, I want to hear from our readers. If you have a favorite or go-to strain that you think others could enjoy here in Fort Collins, email us or message me on Twitter, and we’ll review it! Until then, try out The Flower Collective Bubble Joints for a pleasantly average high.

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