Because I Got High: Auras and judgment errors

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Collegian | Sophia Sirokman

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The first time I ever smoked flower, I thought it would be a good idea to have an entire bowl to myself, which resulted in getting VIOLENTLY high. I believed that I could physically see everyone’s “true intentions” in the form of an aura and decided that one of my long-term guy-friends was skeezeball blue, so I cut him loose after it. Additionally, I thought I was being accused of being in the Communist Party as a result of my newfound powers, which might have something to do with the history class I was taking.


Judgement errors

I went to a dinner at a friend’s house and had brandy: a classic vice of mine. Their roommate offered me a joint. I obliged. Then another friend brought gummies. I could have said no, and I definitely should have. However, seven glasses of brandy never guide wise decisions, and in a few hours, I found myself crossed out of my mind, lying on the floor and languishing. When my friend asked me, “Are you alright?” my response was, “Thank you for asking, but — and I don’t mean to be rude — could you please get the fuck away from me?” It’s good to know I was at least polite.

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