5 tips for women to stay safe at FoCo concerts


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The inside of The Lyric, a music venue and movie theater, Aug 4.

Clara DeForest Colvig, Guest Author

Concerts are a fun and exciting way to experience music. The thrill that comes from seeing your favorite band live is unmatched. Fort Collins is a great place for concerts, as it attracts numerous bands with multiple music venues in Old Town. However, with this thrill comes the potential for danger, especially for women.

I myself have experienced stress and fear while at a concert, as have many women who attend live music events. From having men make vile comments to being groped, drugged or assaulted, it all happens at concerts, usually under the radar. Due to this upsetting fact, women must take certain precautions to be able to enjoy the concert and keep themselves safe.


1. Attend live music in a group

At a concert, if someone with bad intentions spots a woman by herself, she may become a target. Attending alone means no one is there to watch your back or help you out of a bad situation. Having a group with you at the show makes it more fun and more safe.

If you are new to Fort Collins or do not have anyone to attend the concert with, there are options available. There are groups in Fort Collins designated for people in search of new friends and people to do activities with.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

It’s very easy to get carried away while dancing and enjoying the music at a concert. However, it’s always a good idea to keep track of the people around you. Listen to what they are saying before the show, if anything. Are they alone? What are they doing? If someone seems to be a bad character, stay away from them, and stay near your group.

Generally speaking, Fort Collins is filled with kind and good-hearted people. However, there are always a few bad eggs in the mix. Fort Collins, in fact, is a hub for sex trafficking in Colorado and the United States. Being aware of your surroundings; keeping an eye out for things that seem off can help protect yourself from this issue.

3. Ensure your phone is charged

Before arriving at the concert, it is important to make sure you have enough battery on your phone to make it through the whole show. If you get separated from your group, you need to have a method to contact them. You also can expect to take photographs and videos, so you will need enough battery for that. It could even be beneficial to bring a portable charger if you intend on recording the concert.

In the case that your phone battery does die, having a designated meetup spot with your group can help you find them at the end of the show if you do get separated.

4. Make note of where security is located

At every live music event, there should be some sort of security personnel that is there to ensure everyone’s safety. When you first arrive at the venue, scan the area, and try and find where the security is. Usually, they are wearing a bright color to stand out in the crowd. There also are usually security officers at the front of the crowd near the stage.

In my experience, the security guards are very helpful. They can assist you in finding a missing friend or removing a troublesome person from the crowd. Making note of where they are ensures that if something were to go wrong, you know where to go to get help.

5. Speak up

Even if you are prepared and follow all safety guidelines, something could go wrong at a concert or festival. If this happens, it is important to speak up and notify someone. Whether this be a friend, a security guard or even someone nearby in the crowd, say something.

Concerts should be a place to enjoy music and have fun. You should not let anyone make you feel uncomfortable and hinder your experience. If you or someone you know gets sexually assaulted at a concert, contact Fort Collins Police Services to file a report.


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