The ultimate guide to the Colorado granola look


Collegian | Trin Bonner

Christian Arndt, Staff Reporter

Colorado is a staple state of sustainability, outdoor activity and environmental consciousness. Considering this, plenty of Colorado residents show their love of the outdoors and sustainability through their clothing. Here is a comprehensive guide to dressing and embracing your inner granola style.


Patagonia has long been attributed as one of, if not the most, environmentally conscious brands to produce accessories and clothing. Plenty of brands present themselves as being eco-friendly, but Patagonia prides itself on giving back to environmental initiatives. Patagonia has plenty of clothing options paired with an excellent warranty program.


Flannels, flannels, more flannels

Having a large selection of nice, durable flannels is a necessity for any Colorado resident. It’s the perfect in-between layer for summer and fall. With many different patterns and colors, it’s no wonder they are so popular in Colorado. The prices vary on flannels, which is even better for someone on a budget or someone who wants to invest in a nice flannel. 


Having that trusty beanie on hand is a must. Colorado is known for its cool and oftentimes unpredictable weather. Having a cozy beanie to keep your head warm after skiing, take a breezy fall hike or even just as a fashion statement is peak Coloradan. 

Thrifted clothes

Is new clothing too expensive? Give thrifting a shot. Not only can you find numerous items and accessories, but you can also find big-name brands for a fraction of the price. It’s very environmentally friendly and gives used clothes another purpose than just becoming trash. Plus, having that worn-in feeling in clothing is always nice.


Closed-toed shoes are convenient to many people and appear to be ever so present in our community. Chaco, Birkenstock and Teva are all popular choices among students at Colorado State University. With plenty of versatile looks, colors and styles, it may be time for you to look into purchasing a pair for this summer.

Water bottles

Covering a Hydro Flask and other refillable water bottles in stickers is a fairly common and unique way to personalize a bottle as it is a big teller of a person’s character, interests and beliefs. Doing so is a fun way to show what you enjoy and appreciate through sticker art all while staying hydrated. 


The REI brand is known for affordability while not sacrificing quality. The stores are dotted across Colorado and provide a variety of hiking, lounging and outdoor activity brands. However, the true gem of REI is its individual products. They have plenty of comfy and simple hoodies, sweatpants, hats, hiking shorts and more. Whatever you are looking for, REI probably sells it. Make sure to also stop by during their occasional discount sales; there are plenty of fun and useful things to purchase and wear.

Earth tones

Honestly, anything that is earth tone will fit the Colorado wardrobe perfectly. Think forest greens, sandy yellows and muted browns. Anything natural feeling and looking will be a great addition to your closet.

There it is. With summer just around the corner, there is no better time to treat yourself to some new articles of clothing and accessories. 

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