Fort Collins Foodie Walk: A tasty way to explore Old Town


Collegian | Charles Cohen

Emmalee Krieg, Staff Reporter

It’s free, it’s fun, it’s food — Feb. 17 was not a night to miss. 

The Fort Collins Foodie Walk in Downtown Fort Collins came around again just like it has every third Friday of the month for the past 10 years. The event starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m.


The Fort Collins Foodie Walk is a night in which people explore Old Town and enjoy free food from participating businesses offering samples of their prized products. There are no reservations required to participate in the Fort Collins Foodie Walk, and it is a perfect opportunity to lean into your foodie side. 

“It’s just a fun night that happens every month and you can kind of count on for a special time,” said George Grossman, the owner of Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and one of the founders of the Fort Collins Foodie Walk.

Since its birth in October 2012, the Fort Collins Foodie Walk has aimed to immerse people in the food culture of Fort Collins. Businesses get the opportunity to show off what they do best.

Fort Collins Foodie Walk was an idea first introduced by Sean Godbey, owner of Old Town Spice Shop, and (Grossman) as a way to recognize the culinary culture and thriving cooking scene in Downtown Fort Collins,” according to

The website also states that shops encourage attendees to embrace their inner foodie by gifting them with exciting tastes and seasonal flavors.

“I want people to know that the experience of going to Foodie Walk is about celebrating Fort Collins foodie culture and what it kind of means to be a foodie.” -George Grossman, owner of Happy Lucky’s Tea House and co-founder of the Fort Collins Foodie Walk.

The Fort Collins Foodie Walk also has its own app, Carat. Carat allows you to check in with the businesses you visit during the walk with the help of a map. You earn points for the places you do visit, which translate to different redemptions or discounts the participating businesses provide. 

“I like it when families all come together,” said Trish O’Neill, founder and owner of The Cooking Studio

Grossman had similar views regarding the social aspect of the night.

“A lot of times, I see couples or families with young kids — you know, three generations, mom, grandma and grandkid — so all these sorts of things are very social,” Grossman said.


This walk can be perfect for a family outing or even a date night dinner.  

“It celebrates the culture of food, and you know we don’t really eat by ourselves,” Grossman said. “We always eat in community.”

The Fort Collins Foodie Walk is also newcomer friendly.

“If you’re new to Fort Collins, coming to the Foodie Walk is a great way to get to know Old Town,” O’Neill said. “It’s just a nonstressful, fun thing to do on a Friday night.”

This event is a great way to pick up a new hobby and learn about the complex world of food.

“I want people to know that the experience of going to Foodie Walk is about celebrating Fort Collins foodie culture and what it kind of means to be a foodie,” Grossman said.

Every month is filled with new experiences, new flavors and new opportunities to be a part of a thriving food culture. 

“Even though the businesses might not change that often, what we’re featuring and what we feel like we’re teaching and helping people experience, that’s what changes every month,” Grossman said.

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