Holdfast.’s new album ‘Movies’ was born out of isolation


Charlie Maddocks, Tommy Maddocks and Mikey Maddocks of Holdfast. perform at Globe Hall July 17, 2021. (Michael Marquardt | The Collegian)

Kadyn Thorpe, Arts and Culture Reporter

Holdfast. released their latest album, “Movies,” April 15, which was recorded through the trials and tribulations of COVID-19 quarantine.

Holdfast. was formed in 2011 and consists of brothers Tommy Maddocks (drummer) and Mikey Maddocks (bassist) and their cousin Charlie Maddocks (lead singer and guitarist). Once they started releasing music, they quickly stole the hearts of music lovers across Northern Colorado. 


Their single “Time,” which was released in December 2019, was featured on-air many times, landing them a spot in KTCL 93.3’s Hometown for the Holidays. They opened for lovelytheband during Taste of Fort Collins in 2019, and after that, they quickly grew as a Fort Collins favorite.

Since the band formed, Holdfast. has made their mark in Colorado local music and has started to branch out into the West Coast as well. Deriving inspiration from Muse, U2, Bruce Springsteen and many more, the music Holdfast. creates is loaded with heavy basslines and ballads. 

“We really try to push every song to its limits — not just the song itself but every track and every moment. … It’s tedious but also just so fun doing what you love with your family.”  -Tommy Maddocks, Holdfast. drummer

After their success in 2019, they signed to Audio Network and started working on their next album. 

“It was interesting timing because it was right before COVID that we started talking with Audio Network,” Charlie Maddocks said. “And then as soon as we jumped into it, it started shutting down.”

Scared to be too close to one another, they recorded some of their demos apart, setting up the drum set outside and recording it through the window. 

The album itself was recorded in a short amount of time in The Blasting Room located in Fort Collins. With only a week to record seven songs, the members of Holdfast. worked to ensure every song was exactly what they wanted, making every moment of every song the best it could be. 

“It was a whirlwind for us,” Tommy Maddocks said. “It was definitely stressful getting through that; we didn’t have a lot of time, and time is money in the studio.”  

Holdfast. recently played at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, and they participated in the Fort Collins Music eXperiment this past weekend.

Their presence onstage is unmatched by any other local band. With only three members in the band, they still create a full-sounding instrumental performance, and Charlie Maddocks’ contrasting vocals make this band a must-see in concert. In 2019, they won crowd favorite during their performance at Hometown for the Holidays because of their “energetic signature live show,” according to their about page.

“We really try to push every song to its limits — not just the song itself but every track and every moment,” Tommy Maddocks said. “It’s tedious but also just so fun doing what you love with your family.”


According to an interview on their website, they grew up surrounded by people creating music, like watching their two uncles hold band rehearsal at their grandparents’ house. Music has always been a dream for them; they spend their days surrounded by their music, recording and writing new songs and practicing their favorites. On the rare occasion they are not thinking about their music, Tommy and Charlie Maddocks said they enjoy their favorite video games, while Mikey Maddocks said he is out shredding the slopes. 

Each band member brings a different personality to their music and their performances, making each song a blend of each member’s skills.

Tommy Maddocks said he loves the epic ballads they have in their new album but especially in their song “Brother.” Mikey Maddocks likes the songs with heavier basslines, like “I’ll Try,” while Charlie Maddocks prefers the focus tracks of each album, like “Find A Way.” Each member in the band brings a unique skill that brings their music together. 

While performing their sold-out show at Cervantes’ in Denver, the band was vocally thankful for everyone who showed up. Starting out as a local band is difficult to do, but this band holds nothing back once they step on that stage. 

As of right now, Holdfast. is preparing for their first official tour, which will be hitting the West Coast in June. They also just wrapped up recording three new songs. Just like with any local band, the work is never done, but we’re excited to see what this Northern Colorado favorite has in store for us next. 

Make sure to check out Holdfast.’s newest album, “Movies” — the perfect soundtrack for your summer. 

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