Beer Edition: Going from cocktail to mocktail doesn’t have to be hard


Collegian | Falyn Sebastian

(Graphic illustration by Falyn Sebastian | The Collegian)

Kadyn Thorpe, Arts and Culture Reporter

Whether you’re wanting to limit your alcohol consumption or you’re under the legal drinking age, dive into the world of mocktails: your favorite drinks without the alcohol. 

Just because you want to take a break from alcohol doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying the delicious drinks. Believe it or not, there are options for nonalcoholic beers. If you love beer but don’t want the beer belly, try some of the nonalcoholic beers available in stores and at certain restaurants. 


We understand that giving up drinking in college can be a difficult thing. We’ve all heard the saying, “You’re not an alcoholic until you graduate,” but let’s be honest, some of us are about due for a break.  

When the first quarantine hit in March 2020, alcohol sales skyrocketed. What else were people supposed to do other than sit in their house and drink to make the time go by? We all saw the memes taking over the internet of people day drinking to pass the time. We even got multiple bartenders teaching us how to make simple” at-home cocktails on TikTok. 

We’re going to share a secret with you — maybe you know, maybe you don’t — but you are not limited to what is on the drink menu.”

Many people were spending their days drinking and making their new favorite at-home cocktails, but as a result, people started to notice their weight increasing and their health decreasing. In 2021, many people planned to give up alcohol or limit the amount they were drinking and focus on their health. 

People stopped drinking, but they still wanted their cocktails and beer — this meant the popularization of mocktails and nonalcoholic beer. Obviously, these things were available before 2021, but they have become more than your typical Shirley Temple, although we do love a good OG mocktail every once in a while. 

The mocktails restaurants are making now are almost identical to cocktails — the only thing missing is the alcohol. Due to the rise of mocktail popularity, options for nonalcoholic drinks are also on the rise. This is fantastic news for people who don’t drink to get drunk but because they enjoy the taste. You can stop by any liquor store, and more often than not, they have a nonalcoholic section. 

Although mocktails are rising in popularity, it can be hard to find nonalcoholic drinks at restaurants that aren’t soda, but it’s easier to get a mocktail than you might think. 

We’re going to share a secret with you — maybe you know, maybe you don’t — but you are not limited to what is on the drink menu. Restaurants with a full bar have the ability to make you anything you want, including your favorite mocktail. Just simply ask for a drink without alcohol. 

Bartenders will typically replace the alcohol with soda water or something else that will mix well with the drink. If the mocktail train isn’t something you want to hop on, check out the restaurants around town that offer nonalcoholic beers; unlike mocktails, these are not available everywhere, but they aren’t too hard to find. 

The Mayor of Old Town is a great place to start your nonalcoholic beer journey. They feature multiple different types of nonalcoholic beers — from IPAs to ales, ambers and anything else you may want — so you can get your favorite beer taste without the complications alcohol may bring later on. 


Elliot’s Martini Bar, located in Old Town, offers its own signature mocktails equipped with zero-proof spirits. Wilbur’s Total Beverage, located right off College Avenue next to Whole Foods, has a large selection of nonalcoholic beers and spirits, providing you with the perfect at-home drink. 

Whether you want to take a break from alcohol or you’re under the age of 21, there are many options to choose from that allow you to still get a great tasting drink without the alcohol. 

Try something new and expand your taste buds — you may find something you love.  

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