7 movies, shows so trippy there’s no need to be stoned


Collegian | Sophia Sirokman

Ivy Secrest, Arts and Culture Reporter

April 20 brings a statewide wild weed-palooza in Colorado for those who partake. While the tie-dye and laid back vibes of the holiday are exciting and fun, not everyone wants to, or even can, take part in the consumption of cannabis. For those of you looking for trippy experiences without the trip, here are seven movies and TV shows that are so trippy you don’t need to be high (though it could add to the experience). 

1. ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’

This classic will have you questioning several things: your knowledge of science, swallows’ abilities, what it means to be a knight and your sobriety. Between the witty banter and the clever plot, there’s nothing about “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” that doesn’t correlate with the most fun parts of weed culture. 


2. ‘The Midnight Gospel’ 

If you’re more interested in deep philosophical discussions and questioning existence than a good laugh, this podcast-turned-Netflix-series is perfect for you. In “The Midnight Gospel,” the discussions of religion, death and drug consumption, crazy animation and underlying plot for main man Clancy Gilroy are both compelling and trippy. 

3. ‘Just Like Heaven’ 

For those of you invested in romance, “Just Like Heaven” is the most bizarre yet oddly sweet romantic movie to ever exist. If you want to know what ghosts, landscape architecture and depressed widows have to do with each other, then this is the rollercoaster ride to take. 

4. ‘Memento’ 

Supposedly cannabis can cause people to have identity crises, which is something “Memento” tackles head-on. Through the twists and turns of Leonard Shelby’s exhilarating life, viewers won’t know what to believe. This elusive and mind-blowing movie will make you feel like you’re several puffs into a smoke sesh. 

5. ‘Doctor Strange’ 

Marvel Studios has even dabbled in the trippy. “Doctor Strange” shows the wild kinds of interdimensional visions that several people report after entering an altered state. No need for cannabis here to feel like the earth below you exists no longer and the sky above is subjective and ever-changing. 

6. ‘The Big Lebowski’ 

A stoner, a nonsensical plotline and the constant feeling of being misunderstood walk into a bowling alley, and it couldn’t feel wilder. “The Big Lebowski” is a classic that brings viewers into the confusing life of weed and bowling. 

7. ‘Stardust’  

For those committed to fantasy, “Stardust” will trip you up. Between fallen stars and witchy immortals, nothing about this movie caters to the logical mind. The winding plot and excellently formed characters will convince you that no sober man could have conceived such a universe. 

Whether you chose to participate in cannabis consumption or not, this 4/20 doesn’t have to lack a sense of the odd, the whimsical or the ridiculous. Hopefully these movies will pull you into the spirit of the event without requiring you to take a hit.

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