Local songs to welcome back the spring sunshine


Collegian | Abby Flitton

Maddy Erskine, Arts and Culture Editor

After some very cold weeks, the sun made its comeback. It’s starting to feel like spring, a time of warmer weather, longer days, new beginnings and cruising around with your windows down to some of the best local music around. Lucky for us, we’ve got lots of local music to blast. Here is a playlist of my favorite songs for soaking in the spring sun and breathing in the fresh, no-longer-freezing air. 

Wishes‘ by Dry Ice

I’m a sucker for a song with a loud and groovy bass line. The bass and guitar parts play off each other perfectly like they are having a conversation throughout the entire song. The reverb-heavy distortion makes the song feel almost like a shoegaze song, but due to its upbeat nature, it becomes a perfect example of dream-pop. 


The guitar is bright, like a ray of sunshine, in the best way casting over the rest of the song. With relatable lyrics, the song is a springtime beauty just waiting to be played as you ride your bike around town and enjoy the start of the season. 

Daytime Satan‘ by Robert Shredford

A self-proclaimed “reverb-drenched surf-rock party from a coastless state,” Robert Shredford makes great indie music for cruising around on sunny days. “Daytime Satan” is upbeat and catchy, making you want to sing, dance and clap along. 

The attention to detail in this song is something special. The use of the organ gives it a unique ’60s beach-rock feel; plus, the lyrics are super fun and catchy.  

California‘ by Mr. Atomic

Starting off with an epic and very impressive guitar solo, “California” is an indie-rock song perfect for wishing it was spring break already and that you were on vacation. This song belongs in a movie about running off to California to pursue your dreams. 

The soaring vocals grab you and take you for a ride, accompanied by classic indie-rock guitar lines and drum fills. 

Big Groove‘ by The Crooked Rugs

“Big Groove” is a psychedelic-rock song that makes you feel like you are floating away into the abyss and simultaneously in a crazy headbanging mosh pit. The repetition and building and falling of melodies make the song feel like a jam band song, but the distortion and intensity of the repeating beat take the song to a unique level of heavy psychedelic-rock. 

Aptly named, “Big Groove” is quite groovy. It is the ideal song to dance away into a world of no worries or complaints — just sunshine and music. 

The Flower Bed‘ by mofie

The lyrics to this song are some of my favorite lyrics on this playlist and truly tell a story. They transport you into your own personal flower bed, a place of safety and love. The instrumental rises and falls keep you intrigued while still being relaxed. 

So put on your headphones, head on down to the Colorado State University Annual Flower Trial Gardens and just sit and soak up the sun and your surroundings. 


Check out this playlist on Spotify here.

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