Bring in love with these local songs this Valentine’s Day


(Graphic Illustration by Chloe Leline | The Collegian)

Maddy Erskine, Arts and Culture Editor

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are in a relationship or not, it’s time to celebrate love. So grab a loved one or a box of tissues and prepare to go through emotions with this local music Valentine’s Day playlist. 

Girlfriend‘ by Slow Caves

Nothing makes me want to fall in love more than this song. The lyrics tell an unforgettable love story about staying up late, watching the sky and dumpster diving for new boots. This song was written with the same power that is in Cupid’s arrows and has forever set my unrealistic expectations for relationships. 


Call Me Before Midnight‘ by Miranda Fling

“Call Me Before Midnight” is one of those love songs that is impossible not to tear up a bit when listening to. The ukulele’s soft strums are like a warm hug, rocking you to sleep while you try not to cry about the one you love loving someone else. It’s a sad story most can relate to. The authentic and effortless feel of Miranda Fling’s voice makes the song feel even more vulnerable and personal, like a window into Fling’s heartbreak. 

Feels Like Nothing‘ by Jay LeCavalier 

I could listen to this song on repeat for eternity and I would have no complaints. It’s beautiful in every way: the effortless flowing guitar, a perfect amount of auxiliary percussion and Jay LeCavalier’s warm and welcoming vocals floating on top, serenading with lyrics that make me emotional. It’s not your typical love song but seems to explore the feelings that come with love in a deeper manner. 

Ramona‘ by Lady Denim

Lady Denim has a lot of good love songs, like “Pipe Dream” and “Darling, Are You Lonely?” but “Ramona” holds a special spot in my heart. Maybe it’s because we all have a little bit of an embarrassing crush on Ramona Flowers from “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” or maybe it’s because I blasted this song in my car the entire summer of 2019 with my hands out the window, wondering, “Does the wind blow farther than Colorado?” Either way, “Ramona” transports you into the cinematic love story we all dream about. 

Woozy‘ by Macy Warner

This song is both warm and chilling, welcoming you in with an atmosphere of deep acoustic sound and giving you goosebumps with the effortless sound of Macy Warner’s floating and angelic vocals. “Woozy” is a song to slow dance to while you slowly melt into the arms of your loved one. 

Heart in a Glass Jar‘ by Tonguebyte

“Heart in a Glass Jar” isn’t one of those love songs that drifts you to sleep but rather one that makes you throw your hands up in the air and dance. The harmonies grab your soul as Tonguebyte tells a classic love story full of both hope and frustration. Most importantly, Tonguebyte once again delivers with a soaring and climactic saxophone solo. And let’s be real, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the sweet and sexy sound of the saxophone. 

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