Elephant Revival will bring contemporary folk sound to Red Rocks

Randi Mattox

Video courtesy of Music Fog.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre has an incredible concert lineup this summer. Among the lucky bands to headline a show at the renowned outdoor venue is Colorado-based contemporary folk band Elephant Revival. Inspired by artists like Chadwick Stokes and Randy Crouch, Elephant Revival will bring audiences a sound that is rooted in folk music.

Elephant Revival is based out of Nederland, Colorado. The five band members play a variety of instruments including the banjo, mandolin, djembe and cello.

Elephant Revival fiddle player Bridget Law said the band members met through various music gatherings.

“Music is what brought us together,” Law said. “We started noticing how our friendships and connections started taking shape and the synergy between us all. Eventually, Dango, the bass player, decided to book gigs under the name Elephant Revival and we all came together to play those gigs. It really just kept going from there.”

Dango Rose, Elephant Revival’s bassist, came up with the band’s name. Law said he was inspired by a story about three elephants from Lincoln Zoo in Chicago.

“They lived together for 16 years and then were separated,” Law said. “They all passed away within months of each other. Elephants are tribal creatures. They are super-connected to their kin. They are really telepathic and loving towards nature. I think Dango just started noticing the tribal aspect of these creatures and our tribal qualities and chose to bring us all together in honor of these elephants.”

Law said the band’s sound is comparable to a softer version of Mumford and Sons with female vocals.  

“Considering the types of songs that we play with really meaningful lyrics and poetry, I like to say we are contemporary folk,” Law said.

Law said nearly all of the band’s music is original.

“I think we will always have a wealth for original music to pull from,” Law said. “You’re inspired to express yourself when it’s something that you have really worked to create the message behind, and it feels more like a message because it is original and unique. I am far more inspired to play original music than cover tunes.”


Law said that the band members have a close relationship.

“Everyone is very caring and considerate,” Law said. “We are like a family. A lot of people observe that about us. We take care of each other like family. We definitely have each other’s backs. We are pretty good at helping each other along and I think that is a big part of the momentum in the group.”

Elephant Revival will be playing a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater this summer on May 22 at 5:30 p.m. Law said this will be their first time to headline a show at the venue.

“This will be the first time that we are expected to bring 10,000 people anywhere for sure,” Law said. “We play around the country at various sites and clubs. This is our first opportunity to take it this level here, and it is super exciting. It is such a beautiful venue. The energy is really outstanding.”

Law said the band’s concert at Red Rocks will provide a family-friendly environment.

“We want to celebrate the day in this beautiful place, while it is light out and you can see the rock formations and enjoy the sunshine,” Law said. “The whole point of that is to encourage families to come out and children to come out.”

Law said the show will engage the audience.

“We have life-size elephant puppets that will be roaming around and doing a dance,” Law said. “We will have acrobats and aerialists. We will have a fire show. I think the show will build really nicely. I just really hope that families and people come out together.”

Go to redrocks.com to purchase tickets for Elephant Revival’s concert.

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