The top 3 best, most affordable margaritas in Fort Collins

Allie Kohler

Whether you like them fruity and frozen or tangy and on the rocks, there’s a margarita for everyone to enjoy in Fort Collins. 

For students, the trail we follow to satisfy our thirst is usually based off of not just our cravings but also our bank accounts. No need to fret my fellow lowly-funded margarita fiends; when you’re thirsting for tequila and lime there are three places that top the list for the best margaritas at the best price.


1. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Well, obviously. Where else can you get your margarita served classic on the rocks or frozen with an upside down Dos Equis? Though they may not be my favorite margaritas, lacking the signature tequila taste every great marg should have, you just can’t beat those spring break vibes that come from the beach decor and laid-back attitude. Plus, those fish bowls and their super long bendy straws are just a blast in a bowl-sized glass. Their everyday drink deals will keep your bank account alive and you thriving.


Photo Courtesy: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop- Fort Collins, CO Facebook


2. Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant


These little puppies pack a serious punch and may literally leave you on the floor if you’re not careful. Despite that, there’s not much to complain about here. Though sometimes I feel like I am drinking straight gasoline, with their three-per-person limit you can rest assured that you’ll taste the tequila in every each delicious sip. Monday through Friday from 3-6:00 p.m. margaritas are priced for under $6. Not bad at all, but the real deal is on Thursday when after 9 p.m. all margaritas are just $3. Definitely not mad at it.



Photo Courtesy: Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant Facebook

3. Illegal Pete’s

This one came as a bit of a surprise. Not a huge fan of their food, I reluctantly accompanied a hungry friend to the restaurant and naturally went straight to the bar. With little to no expectations of being blown away I ordered a margarita because tequila was on my mind, and instantly I fell in love; first with the bartender and then with my drink. No, not because he was oh so handsome or charming, but because he actually made my drink fast, from scratch and right there at the bar. A generous pour and the perfect balance of tequila, orange liqueur and lime made that ice cold $4 happy-hour margarita one of my new favorite drinks and the bartender my new favorite person.

Photo Courtesy: Illegal Pete’s Ft Collins Facebook



So raise a glass and drink up friends, because there’s nothing to feel guilty about when you enjoy these super cheap, super delicious, mean and mighty margaritas. Adios!

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