Because I Got High: Parking lot paranoia and giant chicken heads


Collegian | Sophia Sirokman

Guest Author

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Giant chicken heads and dead bodies

Last October, my three roommates and I made plans to go to Spirit Halloween, and I completely forgot about our excursion. At the point of entry, I was already baked out of my mind. Now, entering a Spirit Halloween stoned is an interesting experience to say the least. All of the extravagant costumes, wigs, decorations and of course, the absolute best part is the candy selection. I somehow got separated from my roommates and ended up almost purchasing a fake dead body. There was also a giant chicken head that I thought I was hallucinating, and I stared at it for a long time.


I’m a dinosaur

One summer, I took an edible before going on a drive with my parents through a mountain pass. My parents knew I had taken the edible, but we kept it from my then-9-year-old sister. So we’re driving in a topless Jeep, music playing, me definitely conspicuously high, and I look up to watch the mountains towering over me as we drive. I’ve always felt my most comfortable in nature, but I must’ve been feeling some different type of way this day because I proceeded to let out an audible “roar” from the backseat of a dead silent car before saying, “I’m a dinosaur!” My parents knew right away what was up, but we couldn’t tell my sister, so we came up with some excuse just mediocre enough to be almost believable. For my birthday nine months later, my sister gifted me the best dinosaur-covered blanket I’ve ever seen in my life. This continues to be a running joke in our family, but my sister now knows the context, so the magic is gone.

Parking lot paranoia

A few weeks ago, I spent a Saturday catching up on some errands. I started my laundry and packed some clothes to take to Plato’s Closet. I then came across a pack of edibles I got from a friend and popped 50 milligrams. About an hour had gone by, and I was headed to Plato’s when out of nowhere, I felt like I had taken about 20 dabs. I was so confused at why I was feeling blasted when I finally remembered what I had consumed prior. I started to panic and pulled over into a random parking lot. I then realized I was in a law office parking lot, and that’s when the real anxiety set in. I sent an SOS to my best friends and was shortly picked up. I rode the high by eating fried chicken and watching “Mamma Mia!”, which paired perfectly with my vibe.

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