Strain Review: EUREKA Strawberry Clemonade — a swift, palate pleasing high


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Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

The world inside each dispensary is so different from building to building, but one thing that often stays consistent is their colorful displays, making stoners reminisce about being a kid in a candy store. One of those visual lures is the long lines of disposable dab pens draped across the walls. 

EUREKA is one of many brands you can find across the board and falls under the products dispensaries almost always carry. 


This week I headed to LivWell Enlightened Health dispensary to snatch a half-gram EUREKA Fusion Disposable reusable dab pen. LivWell offers several exotic flavors, like Mystery flavor or Melon Madness, but this time around, I picked up the Strawberry Clemonade strain. 

“Don’t be fooled, though, by its cute and colorful appearance, as the high will get you quick.”

Most of these pens are hybrids in a sense they’re more there for the flavor than the sole purpose of boosting your vibe or putting you to sleep. However, the high is definitely still there along with the incredible taste. 

Strawberry Clemonade could be a bit much for some, but if you’re tired of normal tasting wax, why not spice it up with something more fruity? The strawberry is very potent but creates a smooth inhale to exhale with a nice citrus hint from the clemonade. 

OK, EUREKA got the points for flavor, but does it establish a good high? The answer is yes, it does. The high follows the characteristics of a hybrid, calming the body but keeping it energized enough to keep up with your surroundings. 

Don’t be fooled, though, by its cute and colorful appearance, as the high will get you quick. Like a battery dab pen set on high, these little disposables will get you blasted after one big hit. This can be useful for a solid puff before a big dinner or easy to puff if you’re on the go. 

The high hits quickly but falls almost just as fast, so if you’re a fairly consistent smoker, these little half-gram disposable pens might last you a week, maximum. With the half-gram coming in at $25, these probably aren’t the best choice if money is tight, but they’re perfect if you want something different. 

The biggest positive to purchasing these pens specifically is that they are rechargeable. If you’ve ever bought a disposable vapor device of any kind, when that flashing light blinks at you, cross your fingers that you’ll find a charging port at the bottom of the pen. EUREKA pens, when fully charged, can last on a full battery for a day or two, obviously depending on how much you hit it. 

With a solid battery life, amazing taste and a rapid high, the price might be worth it. Pick up any flavor and enjoy the EUREKA pens with friends or simply a quick high for yourself. And remember, if you find yourself high in the clouds after a few hits, don’t panic; you’ll come back down to earth swiftly. Rating: 8/10.

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