Because I Got High: In-N-Out secret menu and thermostat hot box

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Collegian | Falyn Sebastian

Guest Author

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In-N-Out secret menu

One of the first times that I got high with my brother, he took me to an In-N-Out Burger. I was way too high to be reading a menu — not to mention I never went to an In-N-Out before. I could not register the fact that the menu was so limited, and then my brother explained there was a secret menu. I was so anxious, and the interior of the place was low-key freaking me out, so I made him order me something he thought I’d like. I’d like to say that the meal was worth it, but I don’t even remember eating my burger. Also, the animal-style fries were mid.


Thermostat hot box

Over fall break, I brought my three closest friends to my hometown for Thanksgiving. My parents are well aware of my smoking habits and said we were more than welcome to smoke upstairs. I was shocked. I tried telling my parents that they were being too cool and that I didn’t want to smoke flower in the house because of how potent it was. I figured we would be just fine smoking in the garage, so one night, my friends and I decided to smoke a joint there. The next morning, my mom told us we were smoking right next to the air intake for the house thermostat, gassing up the entire house. Fortunately, my parents said it helped them fall asleep. You’re welcome, Mom and Dad, for a good night’s rest; next time we’ll smoke upstairs.

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