Strain Review: Wake-n-bake with Lemon Jeffrey wax

A heady sativa for an active high


Collegian | Tri Duong

Photo illustration of Lemon Jeffrey, sativa-dominant cannabis that tested at 62.79% THC.

Miles Buchan, Staff Reporter

With the cold winds and snowfall that come with winter, some might be wondering how to spend less time smoking outside and more time being cozy inside. Well, one way to go about this is to rip a quick dab from a pen or rig rather than taking the time to smoke a whole bowl or joint.

With this in mind, I figured I would try to find an enjoyable wax with an affordable price. The wax I found is a sativa strain called Lemon Jeffrey from my routine store, Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. This strain of concentrate is just one of many made by Verts brand Chronic Creations.


“Lemon Jeffrey went straight to my dome, making me feel quickly elevated and giving me a lasting head high. Within minutes, the high settled in, giving me an airy feeling.”

As a regular at Verts, I can attest to the fact that they consistently have Chronic Creations extract products available for very reasonable prices. This particular strain is available for just $12 per gram, and other strains by this company are regularly available for less than $20. In my experience, the average gram of wax can range from $15-$25, which makes Lemon Jeffrey’s price point something to appreciate.

When the budtender opened the container for me to check out, I was surprised to see the wax had a nice honey-like coloration to it as well as the classic butter consistency. Something I have noticed when buying cheaper waxes is they tend to be darker in color, dryer in consistency and less potent.

Once I got home and opened up the container again, I got a waft of freshness and citrus. It surprised me to find that even though the wax smelled of lemon, once I dropped it into my quarts banger, it tasted more like Jeffrey. The flavor was kind of a musty taste with a hint of citrus, differing quite a bit from the smell profile.

The potency of this particular wax is on the slightly lower side, with the THC level at 62.79%. However, when I took my first puffs, I felt the effects kick in quickly, and I realized the potency was not a concern.

In terms of effects, Lemon Jeffrey went straight to my dome, making me feel quickly elevated and giving me a lasting head high. Within minutes, the high settled in, giving me an airy feeling. Over a short period of time, I could feel the tension in my head, neck and back releasing, which was much needed.

Some strains do not conform to the expectations of their classification, whether it be sativa or indica. Lemon Jeffrey, however, felt to me like a true sativa in the sense that I did not feel groggy. I spent the majority of the high watching “Adventure Time” and cracking up, and after an hour, I was feeling active and awake.

After having smoked Lemon Jeffrey a couple of times now, I can say it is a really nice sativa that would pair nicely with most activities, whether that be Friday night festivities or Sunday morning cartoons.

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