Because I Got High: Glitch in the simulation


Collegian | Sophia Sirokman

Guest Author

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Glitch in the simulation

One of the weirdest experiences I had was a smoke shop interaction a few years ago. Before I entered the shop with the intention of buying a torch, I bumped into someone, apologized and continued walking into the store. Then there was a glitch or delay in the simulation of life because the next thing I know, a worker pulled out a torch from the display case before I could get a word out to him. He just looked at the torch with confusion, held it out to me and asked, “Was this what you were going to get?” I just slowly nodded at him, and we both stayed silent for the rest of the transaction. It was probably the craziest time to be high while buying something at a smoke shop. The weed gods really wanted to mess with me that day.


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