Because I Got High: Empirical testing and read the dosage

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Collegian | Trin Bonner

Guest Author

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Empirical testing

The first time that I got high, I wanted to empirically test the changes it had on me, so I made a second account that I only used when I was high and compared its ranking to my normal account. Weirdly enough, I was actually a significantly higher rank when I was high, so for a while I thought smoking weed actually made me smarter. This only stopped when I bombed a test while high.


Read the dosage

One time my friends and I bought a 200-milligram edible and read the dosage wrong, and each of us consumed 75-plus milligrams. For reference, my two friends were not regular users of any weed-related products and ended up vomiting and calling 911. Personally, I just greened out and went to sleep and went to class high the next day. I took a test (which I got an A on) and performed a perfect speech for my speech class (also receiving an A). Figure out the doses, guys: It makes a difference.

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