Because I Got High: Help from Grandpa

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Collegian | Sophia Sirokman

Guest Author

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Help from Grandpa


About a year ago, I stayed with my grandparents for a summer to work for my grandpa. They were well aware of my cannabis smoking habits, as I didn’t really hide it. My daily routine would include going to work, getting home, working out, smoking and then eating. I was smoking dabs at the time and needed a new torch, as mine broke.

I went to my grandma to see if she had a kitchen torch of some kind since she cooked every day. I had no luck, so I next went to my grandpa, who is a handyman, praying he’d have an option for me. I asked, “Grandpa, do you have a torch I can borrow?” He knew exactly what it was for, just not how I would be using it. He responded with, “What the hell you smoking out there that you need a torch? Crack?” Since he’s an older man not so much with the new times, I gave him some grace. Ultimately, he had a massive torch, and I used the hell out of that thing.

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