Meals to get without wheels: 6 great food spots near campus


Collegian | Charles Cohen

Samy Gentle, Staff Reporter

When your class schedule leaves you with an awkward two-hour gap right around lunchtime, a close place to get some food can be a lifesaver. Here are a few staple places within walking distance of the Colorado State University campus that are great for some nearby noshes.


Bordering the north side of campus, this restaurant offers a wide selection of ramen, dumplings, banh mi and a whole lot of neon decor straight out of the 1980s. Thirsty? They offer multiple sakes and hard kombuchas. For you young ones, they have Capri Suns sure to throw you back to your elementary school days. 


Pizza Casbah

This New York-style pizza is just minutes from the north side of campus. Pizza Casbah offers a wide selection of pizzas by the slice or the pie, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. Sides like wings, salads and pita sandwiches are also available if that’s more your thing. Be aware that the restaurant opens at 11 a.m., so you’ll be out of luck if you’re craving some breakfast ‘za. 

Mugs at CSU

Are you not like other girls? Too complex for basic Starbucks? Mugs at CSU has got your coffee fix covered as well as an entire food menu. I mean it. There are five different kinds of macaroni and cheese. Not only that, but both breakfast and lunch are offered all day long. This location is very close to campus, directly across the street from The Oval.

Dragon Lee

Slightly further from campus, this unassuming sit-down Asian restaurant is located in the strip mall west of Union on Elizabeth. They offer a lunch special from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., so it is friendly on the wallet. In addition to a wide range of meals, this place has milk tea for the boba addicts out there. Fortune cookies are also provided after your meal in case you want to predict how you are going to score on that upcoming calculus test.


Located just a few minutes from the south-east corner of campus, this is the place to go for authentic Italian cuisine. The prices are slightly on the higher side at $14.99 for one of their panino sandwiches, but there is a whole selection of cheaper appetizers and a happy hour menu starting at 3 p.m. Additionally, you can further show your support for Fort Collins businesses by ordering Walrus Ice Cream off the dessert menu. There, now you have an excuse to have ice cream pie for lunch.

Lake Street Market

Spend your hard-earned RamCash here on Subway sandwiches, Starbucks coffee, breakfast burritos and a wide variety of 7-Eleven-type snacks. This convenience store is located right by the Lake Street Garage, directly across the street from the Albert C. Yates Hall tunnel. It may not be a sit-down restaurant, but it is a great spot for a quick bite between classes.

Honorable mention: The Lory Student Center and Ramskeller Pub & Grub

There can’t be a list of walking-distance food without what’s right on campus. The Lory Student Center food court includes popular chains like Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, Subway, Taco Bell, Panda Express and more. On the basement level, Ramskeller Pub & Grub serves a variety of bar food as well as pints of a rotating selection of beers on tap, including some brewed by your very own CSU fermentation science students.

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