FoCo Food Truck Alliance hosts last rally of the season

The crisp October weather and changing trees were a perfect backdrop to the FoCo Food Truck Alliance rally in City Park on Tuesday.

Being the last one of the summer season, it was unusually relaxed. Still, many people came out to support the 11 different food trucks offering eats perfect for any palate. Some rally-goers were here all season, supporting their favorite trucks every week.


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Foodies gather in front of some of their favorite trucks. Photo credit: Sarah Ehrlich

The line-up featured trucks such as the Silver Seed, Ba-Nom-a-Nom, Austin Taco and Waffle Lab.

The Silver Seed prides itself by making locally sourced, 100% plant based eats. A featured item is the sun-dried tomato and cashew cheese sandwich is a sure way to inspire someone to make the switch to vegan. Something so cheesy shouldn’t be this healthy, but it is. The fold-down chess table and dozens of stickers and little trinkets on the truck make this truck a unique place to eat wholesomely.

The Silver Seed Photo credit: Sarah Ehrlich

Another healthy option at this rally was Ba-Nom-a-Nom, a dairy free, gluten free, vegan way to enjoy frozen treats. Made 100% from fruit, they can make dozens of combinations of ingredients from pineapple peach to blackberry mango.

You may have seen a truck with the words “MAKE TACOS NOT WAR” on the back travel around town. This truck belongs to Austin Taco. These guys are dedicated to “keeping tacos weird” and even encourage fans to submit their own taco concoctions to be featured on the menu next to their great nachos, fajitas and breakfast items.

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Austin Taco Truck Photo credit: Sarah Ehrlich

The Waffle Lab has breakfast down to a science. The list of creations you can put on top of your Belgian-style Liège waffle is impressive. Choose from sweet or savory menu items like the “Foster the Waffle” banana creation or their signature Front Range Chicken and Waffles. There are plenty of toppings to add on if your tastebuds are feeling especially adventurous.

Once the tough decision of where to eat has been made, rally-goers were able to relax on the grass of City Park, while listening to the live music of local indie artist, Oliver Camden.

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Oliver Camden Photo credit: Sarah Ehrlich