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Head to Head: Are the new football uniforms good?

June 29, 2023

The Colorado State Rams announced their new uniforms June 16. While the uniforms are similar to what they donned in previous seasons, there are some differences. 



One of the biggest differences is the addition of striping along the numbers as well as on the shoulders. The previous Rams’ uniforms had ram horns on the shoulders, but moving forward, there will be horizontal stripes in that spot. 

While the Rams have made the change to the new uniforms, the iconic orange Aggie Day uniforms and the white state pride uniforms will remain in the rotation. 

The Rams will make their debut in their new threads Sept. 2 in Canvas Stadium against the Washington State University Cougars. 

With the addition of the new uniforms, social media seems to be split on whether or not these uniforms are an upgrade from the previous set. Read along as our co-sports editors go head to head to discuss the new football fashion. 

CSU football uniforms need more flare

I want to start off by saying that anything green and gold with the Rams logo on it can’t look bad. However, these uniforms aren’t an upgrade from the previous ones, and they get rid of some of the iconic parts people loved. 

It’s important to keep things simple — I mean, think about how much hate the University of Oregon got for trying to be too sophisticated with their basketball court — and the Rams did that. They changed some small things to make the uniforms noticeably different but didn’t go overboard. 


One thing I think they did with this uniform that is a massive upgrade from previous seasons is removing the “RAMS” lettering that went across the legs on the previous uniforms. It felt out of place and didn’t make the uniforms feel truly sleek. 

However, those little changes just aren’t enough, and there should have been more added to the new uniforms.

I don’t know about you, but when I get a new wardrobe, I feel confident, like I’m starting a new era — kind of like “new year, new me,” but it’s “new drip, new me.”

It doesn’t quite feel like the Rams did this. It feels like instead of getting that new wardrobe, they found some clothes that are similar but just different enough to make people notice.  

Like I said earlier, when you get that outfit you’ve been eyeing for a while, you feel like a million bucks, and all those insecurities from your past feel like they just melt away as you stroll down whatever place you decide to make your runway. 

The Rams won’t be able to do this. The hope in Ram country is that head coach Jay Norvell will start a new era for the Rams and develop winning ways, leaving the previous seasons in the rearview mirror. 

While it’s still 100% possible to do in these uniforms, I would’ve liked to see something a little bit more flashy. If you want a throwback to the past, then go all out. We’ve really started to embrace our history with the Aggies. Why not add something to the jerseys to commemorate that even further? 

Not to mention, nothing looks more football than an all-white uniform stained by grass and mud. While they will still wear their white tops, it just isn’t the same. Oh, and for the love of all things football, please continue to wear the white helmets — those are some of the coldest helmets in all of college football in my eyes.

Reach Damon Cook at sports@collegian.com or on Twitter @dwcook2001.


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Damon Cook, Sports Editor

Damon Cook is the 2023-24 sports editor for the The Collegian and has been at the paper since August 2022. He started doing coverage on volleyball and...

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New CSU football uniforms emphasize history, focus on details

As soon as Colorado State University announced our football team was getting new uniforms, I can’t deny, I was excited. I always love looking at new jerseys, kits and uniforms, and to finally be able to review CSU’s own was super exciting.

Overall, the uniforms are sleek with the perfect amount of Ram history and spirit tied in. For me, my favorite part is always going to be the helmets. The classic ram horns on the sides accentuate our mascot, and they tie in perfectly with the tops. 


The helmets are fairly similar to previous years, but there is an important difference. The word grit has been added to the front of the helmets. Grit is the perfect word to describe CSU football, and it’s what will hopefully carry us to a more successful football season. It’s nice to have a constant reminder not only to opponents but also teammates of just how much hard work and dedication is being put into this team.

I also believe these uniforms are a much needed upgrade from previous years. I have never been a fan of the striped ram horns, and I’m definitely not sad they’ve been removed from the shoulder pads.

Speaking of shoulders, the stripes on the shoulders are meant to pay homage to the historic Aggie uniforms of the 1950s. I always love to see historical tributes in uniforms, and the striping on the shoulders does this in a perfectly subtle way. I would have loved to see some added ties to Fort Collins or even the Front Range, but keeping it close to CSU was important. 

I’m also glad to see the removal of the “RAMS” on the pant legs and the addition of the stripes. While the stripes might not be a totally seamless addition to the uniforms, it adds a much needed area of visual interest. Previously, the small lettering was not very noticeable, and at least for me, having something that spices up the lower half of the uniforms is always a plus.

Overall, these uniforms do an amazing job removing imperfections from previous years and adding elements of historical importance. I’m excited to see these new uniforms out on the field, and I can’t wait to see what they do with special editions or even different combinations of the uniforms.

Reach Emma Askren at sports@collegian.com or on Twitter @emma_askren

About the Writer
Photo of Emma Askren
Emma Askren, Sports Editor

Emma Askren, alongside Damon Cook, is the fall 2023 sports editor for The Collegian. She began working at The Collegian during her first year in the fall...

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