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Aden Atkins, Chayton Palmier and Norman Fourde from the Red Cloud Indian School test out their experiment with Brian Jones at the Colorado State University Little Shop of Physics workshop Nov. 20. The project shoots water vapor out of a drum that creates colorful puffs of smoke when lit from the front. The experiments made by the students will be put into a museum on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, as the museum requested local science projects for the displays.

Inspiring the future and the promotion for higher education

Grayson Reed, Staff photographer December 2, 2021

Red Cloud Indian School attended a weekend-long trip to Colorado State University to get a tour of the school, attend water sustainability lectures and build science experiments with the Little Shop...

Adam Pearlstein films Emma Szalachs demonstration of using water to change the properties of a camera lens. By adding a drop of water on top of her iPhones camera lens, Szalach was able to take macro images that would have otherwise been out of focus. (Michael Marquardt | The Collegian)

CSU’s Little Shop of Physics continues to thrive virtually

Ceci Taylor March 9, 2021

For years, Colorado State University’s Little Shop of Physics has strived to inspire kids to pursue science and show them how interesting the subject can be. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the program...

Erica Lafferty, Jake Ferguson and Alexandra Smith work on one of the lessons for the 4th-8th graders at the Little Shop of Physics event on Dec. 8. (Joshua Contreras | Collegian).

Oglala Lakota College and Little Shop of Physics bring fun to science class

Ravyn Cullor December 9, 2018

Sharing may be caring, but collaborating on interactive science lessons can change the course of an education. For nearly 10 years, the Little Shop of Physics, based out of Colorado State University,...

Laura Schreck and Robert Serunjogi stand in front of the engineering building at Colorado State University where they first met. (Courtesy of Bill Cotton, CSU).

CSU duo raises $37,000 for orphaned kids in Uganda

Matthew Bailey June 28, 2018

One seemingly unexpected duo at Colorado State University has worked to change the lives of children halfway around the globe with resources at home.  CSU’s Robert Serunjogi and Laura Schreck created...

Sarah Karp, an open house volunteer and former Colorado State University student, aides a child in an experiment called “Swirl and Hurl”.  For this experiment, the person on the rotating circle spins around with weights in their hands, and when the person brings their arms in and out, the person spins faster or slower to conserve momentum. (Photo courtesy of Adam Pearlstein)
You spin around in a circle with weights in your hands. When you bring in your arms you bring in a signification amount of mass which now makes smaller circles and so the rate the you spin has to increase to conserve energy and momentum. In physics, this is called conservation of angular momentum.

Little Shop of Physics Open House returns for 27th year

Julia Trowbridge February 22, 2018

With a half-million volt Tesla coil, hands-on experiments and other collaborating scientists, the Little Shop of Physics is hosting their 27th Open House. On Saturday, Feb. 24, from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.,...

A total lunar eclipse from December 2010, as captured by Adam Pearlstein, the asistant coordinator for the Little Shop of Physics. (Photo courtesy of Adam Pearlstein)

Super blue blood moon to be seen on CSU’s campus Wednesday

Julia Trowbridge January 30, 2018

This blood moon has not happened in over 150 years. What is being commonly referred to as the "super blue blood moon eclipse" will have three different astronomical phenomena happening at once: a...

CSUs Little Shop of Physics to showcase half-million volt Tesla Coil

CSU’s Little Shop of Physics to showcase half-million volt Tesla Coil

Julia Trowbridge December 4, 2017

Putting out foot long sparks at half a million volts, Little Shop of Physics' largest Tesla coil is a main attraction for its open house Feb. 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Lory Student Center. While...

Little Shop of Physics intern Ana Lopez shares the concept of wave physics, or how waves is made, with kindergarten students at on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Here, the waves can be seen between the nodes, or the points of the rope that arent moving up and down. (Photo courtesy of Adam Pearlstein)

CSU’s Little Shop of Physics makes science accessible to community, world

Julia Trowbridge November 8, 2017

Focusing on making science interesting and accessible for all, the Little Shop of Physics travels around the city, country and world to share their love of science. The Little Shop of Physics, a science...

Hot tips for surviving the eclipse

Hot tips for surviving the eclipse

Julia Trowbridge August 21, 2017

For approximately two minutes and 30 seconds, the sun’s corona will be visible to the naked eye as the moon aligns with the sun for a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse will take place today. Here...

Photo credit: Brooke Buchan

CSU’s Little Shop of Physics teaches children science in true Bill Nye-fashion

Matthew Smith February 6, 2017

It was a scene straight out of a "Bill Nye The Science Guy" episode. Aluminum cans spinning in a magnetic field, beach balls seemingly levitating in mid-air, laser beams traveling down the arc of a falling...

Nabimian students taking a break from school to play with a parachute. (Photo courtesy of Brian Jones.)

The Little Shop of Physics brings its work to Namibia, Africa

Allec Brust February 10, 2016

The Little Shop of Physics, based out of the Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences, focuses on creating interactive science experiences for K-12 students across Colorado. However, last...

Three CSU programs receive 2016 Bohemian Foundation grants

Three CSU programs receive 2016 Bohemian Foundation grants

Allec Brust January 28, 2016

The Bohemian Foundation is a privately-owned family foundation that gives grants to local programs with special initiatives. This year, three Colorado State University programs were awarded grants ranging...

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