Upcycle Your Closet

Teagan Smith

The most prominent trend of 2018 is change for the good, and the fashion industry is SO on board! Upcycling is hitting the runway, and fast fashion stores are bringing the love to the market! The fashion industry has recently taken a focus on clothing designs with reused discarded materials and objects, and are shining a light on a trend that finally fits every budget. This trend is not a hard sell because it’s already in your closet. Upcycling is designed to a high-end style in the industry with expensive fabrics, making the look a bit more out of pocket.

As college students we don’t have that kind of budget, so why not taking inspiration from their designers, and create your style with what you’ve got in your wardrobe! Moms have been the backbone of this trend for years, using other clothes to patch up old jeans. Whether high fashion or the back of your closet, there’s a new trend to switch up your style this season.


Fast Fashion companies are following top designers by creating classy, affordable and eco-friendly styles! H&M is making a path in the right direction, by recently announcing that they will be using recycled silver to create an affordable new collection! The silver will be collected from old industrial scraps, such as coins, flatware, sterling silver, and more. Classy and rustic come together in this collection, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with!

CSU doesn’t only recycle. Reusing discarded objects and materials creates an opportunity for creativity and new style, which is perfect for the college lifestyle. CSU’s upcoming Fashion Show: Spectrum 2018, will be featuring a collection of designs, called Draping. We spoke with Skylar Richardson, a Senior at CSU and the Director of Spectrum 2018, about what Draping entails. Ms. Richardson said, “The draping designs are so unique because they are made from recycled parachutes.” She added that “Aspen Pointe, a facility that works with veterans, is generous enough to donate the parachutes to the draping class every year.” The Draping section of the show is one that you do not want to miss! The creativity and styles that can be created with older materials are endless! So next time you want to go to the mall, try looking in the back of your closet, and see what you can find! Get creative, CSU!