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Cannabis Tips


Jamie Cuchiaro discusses the difference between some of the 120 known cannabinoids in the new Cannabinoid Research Center in the Colorado State University Yates Chemistry building. The lab was a 1.5-million-dollar gift from CSU alumna Leslie Buttorff, CEO of Panacea Life Sciences. Buttorff stated, “What we want to do is find unique cannabinoids that can help people, natural remedies to get rid of big pharma medicine that people have.” Oct. 19. (Garrett Mogel | The Collegian)

CBD could make or break your finals anxiety

Hayden Hawley, Cannabis Director May 4, 2022

Cannabidiol is a nonpsychoactive component of cannabis that interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body. It’s grown into a wildly popular cultural phenomenon over the last several years, likely...

A cannabis flower bud rests on the rim of a glass of New Belgium Brewings Old Aggie lager

Beer Edition: The perfect puff for the perfect pour

Hayden Hawley, Cannabis Director April 13, 2022
For those who know what kind of beer they like and are looking to branch out, check out our list of ideal beer and cannabis pairings.
Photo illustration of a Mouth Peace filter

A holiday gift guide for your stoner friends

Lindsay Barker, Cannabis Reporter December 9, 2021

Don’t know what to get your weed-loving pal for the holidays? This gift guide has some fun suggestions for the stoner in your life. Selfies pre-rolls Whether for a seasoned stoner or a casual smoker,...

Photo Illustration by Lindsey Barker | The Collegian

Cannabis-infused Halloween cookies for a spooky night in

Lindsay Barker October 27, 2021

Pair these cannabis-infused cookies with your favorite Halloween movie for a night of stoned spooky enjoyment. Homemade edibles can be made a few different ways using flower, concentrate or tincture....

Mer J cruza la arquitectura y la industria del cannabis

Mer J cruza la arquitectura y la industria del cannabis

Lindsay Barker October 19, 2021

Nota del editor: Puedes leer la versión en ingles de este artículo aquí. Traducción de Florentino Aguilar La industria del cannabis ha creado un nuevo mercado para los arquitectos y los...

A pumpkin utilized as a bong to smoke a bowl of marijuana Oct. 3. (Photo illustration by Tri Duong | The Collegian)

How to make a pumpkin bong to celebrate spooky season

Hayden Hawley October 5, 2021

Double, double toke and trouble; Flower burn and pumpkin bubble. With fall upon us and Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to fill those gourds up with tap water and smoke pot through...

cannabis packed in a bowl that sits in a bong Sept. 7. (Tri Duong | The Collegian)

Alternative bong water: We tried it so you don’t have to

Hayden Hawley September 29, 2021

Last week I set out to put stuff in a bong other than water. Bongs function by pulling smoke through water, which cools it down to create a much smoother sensation when inhaling. But does the water...

Photo illustration of handmade accessories such as: Roach clips, pokers and dab tools made from colorful beads and metal wires to heighten the experience of a smoke session Sept. 14. (Tri Duong | The Collegian)

Best cannabis gadgets, accessories, necessities

Lindsay Barker September 15, 2021

One of the best parts about consuming cannabis is the fun gadgets and accessories that go along with it. I have a collection of different tools I like to use to make smoking easier, healthier and more...

Scales and grinders of various shapes and sizes sit on display at One Love Smoke Shop Aug. 22. (Luke Bourland | The Collegian)

Essential cannabis products and goods for beginners

Katrina Leibee August 25, 2021

For a first-time cannabis user, all of the products available may seem overwhelming. There seems to be a smoke shop around every corner in Fort Collins, and each one is filled with different pipes,...

(Graphic Illustration by Falyn Sebastian | The Collegian)

6 cannabis tips for CSU students over 21

Hayden Hawley August 17, 2021

The world of cannabis can be a little intimidating for anyone hoping to start their time as a casual user. What is CBD, and why can I buy it at the gas station? What is "flower," and is it legally...

A Flowering cannabis plant in Organic Alternatives’ grow facility on Apr. 7. Special lights are used to help the plants at this stage in their growth. (Ryan Schmidt | The Collegian)

From clone to joint: How cannabis goes from plant to pot

Ceci Taylor April 7, 2021

Growing and harvesting cannabis can be a long and daunting task, and enjoyers of the plant may be unaware of the thought and care that often goes into cultivating it. Organic Alternatives, a dispensary...

(Graphic Illustration by Bella Eckburg | The Collegian)

Tusinski: Weed is winning the war on drugs. Good.

Dylan Tusinski April 5, 2021

Editor’s Note: All opinion section content reflects the views of the individual author only and does not represent a stance taken by The Collegian or its editorial board. Every 25 seconds, someone...

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