Relationships: Long Distance Love

Jillian Kolman

6a20f1def76d9b395dbf489bc85582d1.jpgLong distance relationships aren’t ideal, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. While frustrating, difficult and, at times, upsetting, long distance can often make or break a relationship. It is possible to maintain a successful relationship, but chances are that if you can overcome the miles between you – you can probably overcome anything that comes up.

A good friend of mine from high school was an hour away from her boyfriend of five years once they started college. Once the strongest couple I had known, they made it three months. On the other hand, a childhood friend of mine had a few states between him and his high school girlfriend. They both graduate from different schools this May, and are still happily together. If you and the boo can’t accommodate the distance, it’s possible you were doomed anyways. If you can, it’s possible you two will be in it for the long hall.


Overcoming distance in a relationship is hard because what you’re actually doing is overcoming a lot of potential problems. There will be moments of jealousy that will test your trust in each other. There will be times when you want them there with you and it will break your heart that they can’t be. There will be moments when you will need to successfully give loving support over the phone. Problems will come up that most couples don’t need to deal with. Maybe you’ll find that with your significant other out of sight, they’re slowly drifting out of mind. There are tons of different elements working against you in a long distance relationship, but that’s okay.

I hate to point it out, but our lovely generation is in the prime of life here, even if we don’t realize it. Right now, you should be learning, growing and having fun. For some people, that’s difficult to do when you spend two hours a day on skype. If your paths cross again someday, perfect! But don’t miss the sights on your trail because you were too busy thinking about the one on the other side of the mountain.

Generally speaking, the cynic in me thinks you should prioritize yourself and your own growth before tending to a relationship that’s a tad more on the high maintenance side of things. Truthfully, though, what do I know? Maybe you’re the exception! If you’re not, though, that’s normal and pretty reasonable, considering how tough distance can be on couples. If you are, then perhaps you may start thinking about if your relationship has any expiration date.

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