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CSU alumna’s ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ features stellar performance by Oprah Winfrey

Samuel Perrine April 25, 2017

In 1951, doctors at John Hopkins in Baltimore took a sample of Henrietta Lacks cervical cancer cells without her knowledge or consent. HeLa, as it came to be known, was the immortal cell lineage derived...

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ACT Human Rights Film Festival: ‘Transit Havana’ explores sexual orientation regulations in Cuba

April 24, 2017

In 2010, then Cuban President Fidel Castro publicly apologized for the Cuban government's treatment of LGBT+ folks, especially in the 60s and 70s before homosexuality was decriminalized in Cuba in 1979....

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ACT Human Rights Film Festival: ‘Raving Iran’ evaluates Iran’s laws through the eyes of two aspiring musicians

April 17, 2017

In 1979, Iranians overthrew the U.S.-backed Shah and established the Islamic Republic of Iran, with Ayatollah Khomeini as the new theocratic republic's supreme leader. Since then, a theocratic government...

ACT Human Rights Film Festival will begin April 14. (Photo courtesy of ACT Human Rights Film Festival)

Staff picks: Most anticipated films from the ACT Human Rights Film Festival

Samuel Perrine, Nate Day, and James Wyatt April 10, 2017

The ACT Human Rights Film Festival will be kicking off April 14 thanks to CSU's Communication Studies department and professor Scott Diffrient in particular. The festival, which is the only human rights...

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Author David Shields screens his James Franco-directed movie at CSU

Samuel Perrine March 27, 2017

International best-selling author David Shields said his co-star and former student Caleb Powell have become close through adapting their book "I Think You're Totally Wrong: A Quarrel" into a film with...

Keanu Reeves as John Wick in a scene from the movie John Wick Chapter 2 directed by Chad Stahelski. (Niko Tavernise/Lionsgate/TNS)

‘John Wick: Chapter 2′ justifies Keanu Reeves’ spotlight return

Samuel Perrine February 16, 2017

In the modern era of the Hollywood action blockbuster, sequels tend to end up being the same dish served to audiences once more. In trilogy's and extended movie franchises that dish might be served many...

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2017 Oscar picks: film professor vs. critic

Samuel Perrine February 1, 2017

Awards season is in full swing and, with the announcement of the Oscar nominees, communications and film studies professor at Colorado State University Mark Saunders and Collegian movie critic Sam Perrine...

CSU journalism professor Joe Champ, January 30, 2017 (Davis Bonner | Collegian)

Former television anchor turned CSU professor ranks high among students

Samuel Perrine January 31, 2017

Many people wonder why Joe Champ decided to leave a successful television news career that spanned more than a decade to become a professor here at Colorado State University. Champ spent eight years as...

Killer Mike and El-P deliver again with Run the Jewels 3

Killer Mike and El-P deliver again with ‘Run the Jewels 3’

January 18, 2017

The purpose and message of Killer Mike and El-P's new album "Run the Jewels 3" is summed up well in a sample of Martin Luther King Jr. from his 1967 "The Other America" speech. "A riot is the language...

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‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ is the best installment from Infinity Ward in years

November 10, 2016
Infinite Warfare Delivers Standard COD Multiplayer with a Stellar Single-Player Campaign
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‘Hacksaw Ridge’ displays Mel Gibson’s skillful directing

November 9, 2016
Mel Gibson skillfully directs a brutal WWII Epic in His First Film in a Decade
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Local man shocked by the taste of candy corn

October 31, 2016

Each Halloween, purveyors, venders and inventors of new confectionery delicacies sell their creations to eager candy aficionados in North America. For almost 140 years, candy corn has stood out as the...

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