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Meltzner: Thank you, CSU, for not being what I wanted but what I needed

Meltzner: Thank you, CSU, for not being what I wanted but what I needed

JD Meltzner, Opinion Editor May 4, 2022
As I was preparing to write this column, I had no real idea about what I wanted to say about my time in Fort Collins. Procrastinating, I began thinking ahead to the week's schoolwork, as I've done so many times before, to plan out my week. I filled with that signature Sunday scaries feeling and begrudgingly went over all the assignments I needed to complete with disdain. And then I realized this will be the last time I will be thinking of school in my life. I realized I will be graduating in a few weeks, and my time as a Colorado State University student will be over. Suddenly, I felt a surge of nostalgia, and as I sat reminiscing over the past four years, I realized what the time I've spent at CSU has truly meant to me.
(Collegian file photo) beer pong

Beer Edition: The top 5 beer games ranked

JD Meltzner, Opinion Editor April 10, 2022
Beer games: college traditions created over years and years of students coming up with ways to transform drinking from a casual activity to a competitive, social drink-a-palooza that have fueled many a fun night and many a brutal morning. From the timeworn classics to more modern creations, there is quite a hefty number of beer games these days, so how should you know which to use your precious beer playing?
(Graphic illustration by Brian Peña | The Collegian)

Meltzner: Streaming services are preying on younger users’ wallets

JD Meltzner, Opinion Editor March 29, 2022
Recently, Netflix made two major changes to its business model that target the wallets of its customers, specifically those in the 18-28 age range.  These moves specifically target this demographic and do so because of the hostage market that represents the 20-somethings age range. Netflix knows this, doesn’t care how predatory it is and is doing it anyway.
(Graphic illustration by Rachel Macias | The Collegian)

Meltzner: Promoting activism on social media does more harm than good

JD Meltzner, Opinion Editor March 22, 2022
The current conflict in Ukraine makes this an apt time to reassess the way we engage with activism and other informative resources on social media.
Seriously: The 2022 Olympics were the greatest Olympics of all time

Seriously: The 2022 Olympics were the greatest Olympics of all time

JD Meltzner, Opinion Editor March 2, 2022
Ah, the Olympic Games; a time-honored celebration of athletics, competition, glory and national pride. It’s an event that brings the world together in a harmonious two-week period that shows off the best of us. The 2022 Beijing Olympics were deemed by many to be a mockery of these values, but simply put, that’s just a crock of shit.  I’ve seen a lot of commentary lately saying the location choices for some of the events were questionable. I’m here to tell you that making these athletes compete surrounded by a toxic-looking, dystopian landscape was a purposeful decision. 
A professor teaches in a large classroom with clearly marked seats for students to ensure social distancing Sept. 1, 2020.

Meltzner: America desperately needs to fix its education system

JD Meltzner, Opinion Editor February 22, 2022
When the world began to reopen following the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020, there was a need in many industries and sectors for support systems — both in the aspects of finance and general operations — to help these industries reemerge from the worldwide closures amid the pandemic. Many industries, like business, entertainment and service, received ample support plans from the government and other industry-specific associations to help jump-start their individual economies. However, one industry in America has been woefully under-supported during the past two years of restimulation: the education sector.
Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) celebrates with the Vince Lombardi Trophy after defeating the Atlanta Falcons during Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium Feb. 5, 2017. Mandatory credit: Mark J. Rebilas — USA TODAY Sports

Meltzner: Tom Brady finally retired — athlete worship should do the same

JD Meltzner, Opinion Editor February 16, 2022
Those of us who are familiar with the sporting world are also familiar with the immense impact of the recent retirement of Tom Brady from the NFL. Even those who are unfamiliar with the sporting world are likely familiar with the weight he carried in the sporting community. You do not have to love sports to know Brady's name, and this is because the culture surrounding athletes encourages hero worship on a level that goes beyond the world of sports to permeate the entire sphere of popular culture.
The bar of The Magic Rat showcases the nights entertainment in lights at the Elizabeth Hotel Jan 26. The open mic event was hosted by K Colorado State University radio station partnered with Land of Bands.

Fort Collins’ music scene fosters artistic free speech

JD Meltzner, Opinion Editor February 8, 2022

Freedom of speech is perhaps the most divisive of the rights so long ago promised to Americans. The extent to which it protects our speech and actions is constantly debated in a multitude of social arenas,...

Meltzner: To the class of 2022: Lets ease our graduation anxiety

Meltzner: To the class of 2022: Let’s ease our graduation anxiety

JD Meltzner, Collegian Columnist January 25, 2022
Times of major change and transition are the most impactful and altering experiences that occur in one’s life. These moments have the ability to give rise to such a unique myriad of emotions in a way that no other life milestones can. This influx of emotion can create confusion; the excitement of impending new horizons collides with the sadness of closing another chapter to create a bittersweet soup that makes these transitional moments in life murky and raw. 
Finals week survival guide photo illustration (Collegian file photo)

Meltzner: We need to change the final grading structure

JD Meltzner, Collegian Columnist December 8, 2021
Our academic futures should not be decided by the results of a few weeks of schoolwork, and we should not be forced to forfeit grades in some areas for better grades in others.
Meltzner: CSU is helping politically reinform Americas heartland

Meltzner: CSU is helping politically reinform America’s heartland

JD Meltzner November 10, 2021
American politics are one of the most pervasive elements of life in this country, impacting and regulating almost everything we do on a daily basis. And yet, so much of the American political system and the policies that it enacts are shrouded in a mist of industry jargon and power struggles that make it difficult for the average citizen to understand how the nation's policies impact their everyday life.
Meltzner: Terrifying tales from the tunnels of Fort Collins

Meltzner: Terrifying tales from the tunnels of Fort Collins

JD Meltzner October 26, 2021
Fort Collins, incorporated all the way back in 1873, is not a young place, and as such, it has quite a lot of lore surrounding it. While some of these local legends may not dabble in the macabre, many are tales of haunted buildings and stories of ghosts roaming the town.
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