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Watching Stranger Things on Netflix (Photo Illustration by Anna Hoover | Collegian)

Nightlife: Netflix binge over break

Anna Hoover December 15, 2016

Finals are over, and break seems relaxing and eternal - until we all have to go back to campus next month. Even if we plan to get organized and put together over break, we inevitably only hang out with...

Homemade Christmas card with fingerprint reindeer | Photo courtesy of woohome

Nightlife: Thrifting through the Holidays

Anna Hoover December 6, 2016

Christmas is creeping up, inconveniently at the same time as finals, crazy work schedules and whatever needs to get done before the new year. As a college student, this time of year is not only stressful,...

Pencil sketch in free time to relax during a study break | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Nightlife: Treat Yourself

Anna Hoover December 4, 2016

I know that every now and then, life gets hectic and we don't have time to partake in our hobbies or take care of ourselves as much as we would otherwise. Yet, it is important to remember the basics of...

Assorted board games belonging to the Hoover Family | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Nightlife: Thanksgiving Evening

Anna Hoover November 24, 2016

When everyone is so full that just laying on the couch and simply digesting is the preferred activity, it's hard to do much other than gossip with small talk, which isn't always the most enjoyable pastime. Most...

Lighted fountain in the plaza at the Foothills Mall, FoCo | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Nightlife: Foothills Mall- the new hangout spot

Anna Hoover November 21, 2016

Living in Fort Collins means that whenever you plan to go out for a date night or do anything near campus, Old Town is the go-to choice for shopping, food and entertainment. However, with colder months...

Cars and Christmas lights put up in Old Town   of Friday night | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Nightlife: The process of people watching

Anna Hoover November 15, 2016

A stream of consciousness of a night out in Old Town. Geesh! How can so many people be this bad at parking? I mean, come on--parking in the lines can't be that hard. Yay, I found a spot somewhat close...

Filharmonic Acapella performing at the LSC theater Last Thursday night | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Nightlife: Filharmonic Acapella

Anna Hoover November 8, 2016

Thursday night, November 3rd, the Filharmonic Acapella group as featured in Pitch Perfect 2 came and gave a performance put on by CSU RamEvents that left them, and us, speechless... except for the screaming....

Barfing Pumpkin | Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Nightlife: Had a Happy Halloween?

Anna Hoover November 2, 2016

Not everybody goes to parties and gets drunk on Halloween weekend. Yes, we probably all know at least one person who did, but there were several other things college students did over the weekend that...

Joker bobble head | Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Nightlife: Why so serious about Halloween?

Anna Hoover October 20, 2016

If you google "Halloween costumes", you will find a lot of ideas, especially for children. Add in "college Halloween costumes" and you get a lot of half-hearted or extremely revealing outfits. So, those...

Fruit lemon cocktail | Photo courtesy of Pixabay

NightLife: Drink When Thirsty

Anna Hoover September 19, 2016

During your college career, it is almost a rite of passage to go to bars and taste the flavor of adulthood: alcohol. However, whether you can drink alcohol or not, deciding what to order is always somewhat...

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