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Supernatural TV show main characters: Sam and Dean Winchester with the angel Castiel | Photo courtesy of Flickr

Nightlife: Shotgun Shuts his Cakehole

Anna Hoover November 3, 2016

Pudding! is what Dean Winchester says in season 5, episode 11 when he pulls down his pants and wiggles after the brothers get caught in a mental hospital morgue. This is just one of Dean's many antics...

Cup of Coffee with a smiley face in the bubbles | Photo Courtesy of

Nightlife: The Ultimate All Nighter

Anna Hoover October 18, 2016

Let's face it, most students put off studying until the last minute and then cram a giant study session into the night before an exam, causing stress and desks to explode with coffee stained study guides. So...

Student hiding behind a pile of assigned reading | Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Nightlife: The death of fun in the wake of midterms

Anna Hoover October 16, 2016

It's that time of year for students -- midterms! As students see their grades and realize that they need to study in order to pass a class, students (hopefully) pass up party opportunities in place of...

Craft beers are a great option for Geeks who Drink events | Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Nightlife: Geeks Who Drink

Anna Hoover October 11, 2016

I pride myself on knowing a certain set of useless facts, such as what kind of car Sam and Dean Winchester drive in Supernatural, so I consider myself a geek. However, there are so many kinds of geeks...

Red theater seats | Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Nightlife: Experience Art in Performance

Anna Hoover October 7, 2016

  Performances and production have always been a part of "high culture" and is often thought by many as a luxury that doesn't impact many people's day-to-day lives; the benefits from experiencing...

Thursday nights painting class | Photo Courtesy of Painting with a Twist

Nightlife: Spirits and splattered colors

Anna Hoover October 5, 2016

Fort Collins is a great supporter of the arts, between their painted pianos and productions across the city, so it's no surprise that "drinking art studios" have popped up in several locations to allow...

Pepperoni pizza | Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Nightlife: Pizza is Life

Anna Hoover September 28, 2016

Pizza is iconic to college students, and Fort Collins' support of college students' pizza appreciation is easy to see in their abundance of pizza parlors and Italian restaurants near campus.   There...

(Photo courtesy of

Nightlife: Procrastination — It’s catching

Anna Hoover September 26, 2016

Even as I write this article, I find myself struggling with procrastination--waiting until the last minute to finish everything and hoping it all works out in the end. No matter how much I understand and...

Fort Fun Photo credit: Anna Hoover

NightLife: Fun in FoCo – Exploring the Fort

Anna Hoover September 22, 2016

  I believe in a healthy dose of competition, especially in relationships. Dates get boring and repetitive when the only option is to go stroll Old Town for something good to eat and to see a movie....

NightLife: Fringe Festival

NightLife: Fringe Festival

Anna Hoover September 14, 2016

With live performances, an interactive scavenger hunt, a costume contest and more, this year's Fringe Fest is sure to be memorable as students and artistic souls gather for the festival. This is a hard-to-miss...

Anna Hoover | Collegian
Wall Mural

NightLife: Beer, bowling and games at Chipper’s Lane

Anna Hoover September 12, 2016

Going to the movies for a night out can be draining, especially on the wallet. As an easy alternative, try bowling with friends at Chipper's Lane for a striking deal of unlimited bowling and laser tag...

Photo courtesy of Dungeons and Drafts Photo credit: Dungeons and Drafts

NightLife: Drink up at Dungeons and Drafts

Anna Hoover September 7, 2016

A beer is always good, but costumes make it better!! At Dungeon and Drafts, you can get a discount by wearing a costume to to enjoy a drink, delicious food and board games!!! Dungeons and Drafts, located...

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