Rego: Stay sexually hygienic this summer

Shay Rego

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in the following column are those of the writer only and do not necessarily represent the views of The Collegian or its editorial board.

The hot summer months can quickly produce sweat in our most intimate areas, and having good sexual hygiene is pertinent to having good sex. Here are a few ways to improve your sexual hygiene for the summertime and why it’s important.


We’ve all heard the term feminine hygiene, but it’s not just women who have to keep up with their hygiene, especially in the summer. Summertime is a chance for sweat and outside bacteria to easily access intimate parts of our bodies.

There are steps we can take to help prevent gross and sweaty genitals.

One important first step is our underwear choice. Cotton fabric helps to absorb excess moisture and breathes much more than other fabrics, making it ideal for our genitals to access fresh air. If you are someone who wears boxers, particularly tighter fit, think about changing to loose boxer briefs. Wearing looser underwear will also help genitals breath more easily.

Another way to prevent a sweaty groin is to use cleaning products specifically made for the vagina and penis. A good cleansing soap for the vagina is from Summer’s Eve. It’s specially designed for the sensitive skin around the vagina while maintaining its natural pH balance and leaving a non-irritating scent.

A good refreshing product for the penis is Sack Spray. It helps to neutralize odors in the groin area while also soothing the area, also maintaining its pH balance. Both companies offer more hygienic products for their respected reproductive organs from washes, wipes, sprays and more.

Summertime is a chance for sweat and outside bacteria to easily access intimate parts of our bodies.

It’s important to keep up on cleaning and preventing sweat in our groin area to avoid health issues. While a little sweat is normal, excessive sweat or sweat build up can lead to unhealthy side effects.

According to Health Line, an internet-based medical group, side effects of a sweaty crotch can lead to chaffing, bacterial infection and fungal infection. Both bacterial and fungal infections breed on and thrive off of a sweaty environment. To prevent a nasty infection down there, it’s important to take these proper steps to prevent excess sweat and clean it well.

Summertime is also a time where we wear less clothes and show more skin. While shaving pubic hair is a personal choice, there are health benefits and sexual appeal for keeping the pubic area trimmed or shaved.

For anyone who wears a bikini, shaving the bikini line might make some feel more confident and comfortable in wearing tighter or more revealing swimwear bottoms. Aside from how keeping the pubis shaved relates to visual sex appeal, keeping a shaved pubic area will also increase positive overall sexual hygiene. Less hair means less sweat, so keep the hedges trimmed.

A hairy bush, a foul-smelling crotch and a bacterial infection are all ways to really turn off your partner from jumping in the sack with you this summer. Don’t stop those sweaty adventures with your summer fling, but remember the importance of sexual hygiene during these hot summer months.


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