Letters: Blake Alfred for Speaker of ASCSU Senate

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Fellow Rams,


My name is Blake Alfred, and I am a third-year student in the College of Liberal Arts. Last year, I served as a senator in ASCSU and this year I served as the Director of Marketing for ASCSU. Within these roles, I’ve assisted Syron Sullivan’s U+2 initiative, updated the website, and helped new student organizations receive funding through ASCSU.

The primary issue my campaign seeks to resolve is increasing ASCSU’s marketing. Not just marketing what ASCSU is doing, but what ASCSU can do for you. Whether you are a student org hosting an event or a single student with an idea, ASCSU can do something for you.

For example, our current president Tristan Syron told me that his inspiration behind writing the bill that installed more water bottle refilling stations came from a random student in class mentioning the need. Syron heard this, realized that it was possible, and it happened.

Right now, most students don’t hear about bills until they are already voted on.

I hold a similar mentality when it comes to student fees. It is time for the average student to get their share. Did you know that it is possible for your student organization to receive up to 15 thousand dollars for your event? Did you know you can write a bill and pass a law and it is probably easier than you think?

Also, I will make it easy for students to locate upcoming legislation and provide their input before the votes are final. Right now, most students don’t hear about bills until they are already voted on.

Consider this, ASCSU was working on a proposal to bring out an artist similar to Alison Wonderland for an end of year concert. That’s another idea to use that money to install solar panels on the LSC. I think both plans are exciting, but I wonder how many students heard about this. I’m willing to bet most students would offer their opinions if given a chance.

What am I going to do for you? Whatever you want, you just haven’t told me yet. Feel free to reach out to me now through social media or wait until I am in office and I’ll reach out to you.

Blake “for Speaker” Alfred,  Junior, Journalism Major 

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