Our View: When did we have to start worrying about getting blown up at church

What happened to the country we all love and remember? The country where people were kind to each other, and it was safe to leave your front door unlocked. Recent news of a threat against local churches in Fort Collins by a self proclaimed extremist brings worry to one of our last remaining refuges from harm.

We have been blessed in this country not to experience the religious violence and persecution that is seen elsewhere in the world and in some cases for thousands of years. The day has finally arrived when you no longer wear your Sunday best to church but a bomb vest if you even dare to attend. We would like to believe that there are still decent people out there in our society and that our society hasn’t degraded so far that we are resorting to physically attacking those things we don’t believe or agree in.


The United States was founded on the idea of freedom, and freedom of religion was one of those fundamental ideas. In this country you have every right; as you should, to worship who you want and believe what you want as long as you can do so with decency that doesn’t physically harm others. Those of us who do practice any type of major religion know that the teaching of peace is a fundamental aspect of this regardless of who you worship. We shouldn’t have to be afraid to go out of our homes.

We trust our local police will do all in their power to continue to keep Fort Collins the town we all want it to be.

We would like to challenge you today to treat others like the America you want to live in. The America you dreamed about before coming here, the America you were raised to hope and dream about, and the America you spent blood, sweat, and tears to help build.

Like the song says, may God bless America, land of the free and home of the brave.