Websites that are hidden gems

Celine Wolff

Every now and then I come across a website that’s a hidden gem; the type of website where you think, “How did I live without this?!” There are some incredible websites that provide the best tools for shopping and beauty. Some of these you may have heard, and some of these you may not have. Scroll down to see what you might be missing out on.



The best way to describe Poshmark would be that it’s a simple, user-friendly, app version of Ebay. Men and woman (the majority are women) sell their used clothes and accessories. It is like thrift-shopping, but online. You could scan for hours, keeping the search general, or narrow the search by color, size, brand, etc. The website makes the buyer pay for shipping, but does take 20% of the price you sold your item for in commission. I have sold a few things on here and have had great experiences.

Plus, every collegiate could use some extra money.


Paula’s Choice

This website is incredible because it has scientists thoroughly review beauty products, offering published scientific research. I love how I can trust the information because it is coming from a professional who knows what’s actually good for your skin. I had been using a St. Ives Apricot Scrub and thought I was doing something great for my skin, but discovered the cornmeal in the product was actually scratching my skin, making it more prone to break out: the exact opposite of what I wanted. So I tossed it! Now I rarely buy a beauty product before consulting Paula’s Choice.

Rent the Runway

I have mentioned this service before in my “How to Dress like the Stars at the Oscars” post, explaining how Rent the Runway is a company that allows you to rent designer gowns, cocktail dresses, and accessories for 4-8 days at a fraction of the retail price. It can become addictive to search and see every single dress they have to choose from. This website would be especially helpful for all of the summer weddings you may need different dresses for. My favorite part about the website is how you can see real photos that have been uploaded by women who rented the same dress and see how it looks on them instead of just the model.

With these three websites, fashion and beauty will be a breeze this summer.

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