What’s new? Openings, changed locations in the LSC

Corbin Reiter

The inhabitants of the Lory Student Center have shuffled around during the past year, and many organizations found new offices.

Mike Ellis, executive director of the LSC, provided The Collegian with a list of changes to services and operations that have occurred in the past year.


Fifty30 Elevated Eats

A new restaurant called Fifty30 Elevated Eats opened on Level 100, directly next to the Ramskeller, Ellis wrote.

Fifty30 Elevated Eats serves sandwiches and Walrus Ice Cream. Students can buy a sandwich and a side for under $10.

A sign denotes the Fifty30 eatery. It is located on level 100 of the Lory Student Center next to the Ramskeller. (Corbin Reiter | Collegian)

Fast Print

The Fast Print copy service office has switched office locations from floor 200 to floor 100 and now occupies space that used to be part of the Colorado State University Bookstore, Ellis wrote.

Students can print a plethora of papers at Fast Print, including business cards, large posters and cover stocks. They can also finish their print jobs with lamination or coil binding, among other services.

The front entrance of the new Fast Print location on level 100 of the Lory Student Center. (Corbin Reiter | Collegian)

First National Bank

The First National Bank has moved into the space that was previously occupied by the Fast Print offices on floor 200, Ellis wrote.

First National Bank offices are located directly next to the James Campus Salon, and their ATMs are located in between the bank offices and the salon front door.

The new location of the First National Bank of Colorado on level 200 of the Lory Student Center. (Corbin Reiter | Collegian)

Canvas Credit Union


A new organization has been added in place of First National Bank, in the form of a new Canvas Credit Union office space, Ellis wrote.

The main offices are located next to the Flea Market and have two ATMs, one directly across the hall from the offices and one on floor 100 next to Bagel Place 2.

The front entrance of the new location of Canvas Credit Union located on floor 200 of the Lory Student Center. Photo Credit: Corbin Reiter

Carl’s Junior 

The Carl’s Junior previously located in the food court of the LSC is no longer there due to the lease expiring during the summer, Ellis wrote. The space should be occupied by a new vendor later in the fall semester.

The vacant space left by Carl’s Junior located in the food court of the Lory Student Center level 200. (Corbin Reiter | Collegian)

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