University addresses family from campus tour incident, offers VIP tour

Austin Fleskes

In a series of tweets Friday morning, Colorado State University addressed the Gray family after the events of their campus tour incident

While on a tour of the CSU campus, two young Native American men who had traveled from New Mexico to tour the CSU campus had the police called on them when a mother in the group felt “nervous” about their presence. 


When the police arrived, they confirmed that both of the boys were, in fact, part of the tour and they were allowed to rejoin the group. 

However, as the tour guide, Gabriella Visani, was unaware that the police presence was for the two boys and did not see they had left the group she continued the tour. 

The two young men were unable to find the tour group, and, after returning to Ammons Hall, left campus to return home. 

Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray, the mother of the two boys, posted on Facebook on April 30 explaining the incident, adding that she was “so furious right now I could explode.”

The incident quickly gained national attention, and on Friday the University responded to the family in a series of tweets. 

The first of several tweets explained that the University has reached out to the family as well as their high school, but have not heard back yet. 

“We ask them to please get in touch with at their convenience,” the first tweet explains.

The University has also offered to refund any expenses they incurred while traveling to CSU. 

“We deeply regret the unwelcoming and concerning experience they had while guests on our campus,” said the second tweet

The third tweet explained that the Office of Admissions, Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Native American Cultural Center and CSU Police Department are reviewing how an incident like this can be avoided or handled differently in the future. This sentiment was also expressed in the mass email sent to all students on Wednesday morning. 


In their final tweet, the University offered the family a VIP tour of the campus with all expenses covered. 

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