After entering CSU, what is the chance you will stick with your degree?

Diego Hoyos

Of all freshmen students who started at Colorado State University in fall 2009, 30 percent did not finish their degrees. For those who did, 36 percent graduated from or are still enrolled in the college they originally started and 33 percent graduated from or are still enrolled in a different college.

The following chord diagram displays data of freshmen students from the fall 2009 freshman cohort. It is organized by original college and where students graduated from or transferred to by the seventh fall term, which is fall 2015.


Mouseover the different sections to highlight student migration among the different colleges. Data in this diagram was obtained from CSU’s Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness Office.


Students who have not graduated and are not enrolled as of fall 2015 are shown under “left CSU.” Intra-University students came to CSU with a status of undeclared.

The thickness of links between colleges is dependent on the number of transfers between them — links are colored by the more frequent origin.

“Vet Med,” “Warner” and “Ag Sci” are abbreviations for College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Warner College of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, respectively.

For example, hovering over the perimeter node of Intra-University will redirect the focus on the links related to Intra-University and bring up a mouseover title showing “Started in fall 2009 Intra-University: 1,222.”

Hovering over the links will display additional mouseover titles pertaining to the relationships between colleges. Hovering over the link between Intra-University and Liberal Arts will display “Intra-University to Liberal Arts: 289. Liberal Arts to Intra-University: 2.”

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