Meet the editor: Elena Waldman, Arts and Culture Director

Elena Waldman

Elena Waldman has been working on the arts and culture desk at The Collegian for a year, through which she has refined her taste in film, music and art. As the director for arts and culture, Waldman enjoys exploring the up-and-coming artists Fort Collins has to offer, from the DIY garage show scene to the eclectic galleries in Old Town. 

Elena majors in journalism with a minor in information science and technology and endures coding as a side effect of this decision. Along with engaging in the arts, Waldman is also politically engaged and extremely opinionated, and her ability to debate for hours is one of her many less-likable talents. Aside from being an editor, Waldman works at The Institute for Learning and Teaching as a desk associate and enjoys being involved on campus. 


When she isn’t writing, editing or working, Waldman is co-parenting her cat, Kumo, whom she shares custody with her ex-roommate (whom she is still on good terms with). As a part-time cat mom, Waldman works hard to bring home the bacon, saving just enough to fund her online shopping addiction (which is a very serious condition she has not yet been treated for). Waldman suffers from other addictions as well, namely shitposting on Twitter and coming up with obscure T-shirt ideas. As a dedicated “Nathan For You” fan, Waldman also has several business ideas that she hopes to one day go on “Shark Tank” for. Perhaps she will run for president, but that will likely never happen. 

Elena Waldman can be reached at or on Twitter @WaldmanElena.